Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fall Coat Alert!

The thought of another winter makes me gag.

But I am going to be ready this year. I am going to start scouting for the most fabulous coat I can find. Believe it or not, now is the best time to look. The Fall collections begin selling now, and the most amazing of coats are gone by August!

Here is one of my favorites so far...

Mui Mui has put the most lovely spin on the peacoat!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's hear it for the Boyz...

Happy Father's Day!

Here are my favorite Father's Day presents. Classic, Manly, and Timeless treats! Mostly inspired by my always fabulous Papa, best dressed man that I have ever known. Love and Laughter to all those wonderful Daddy's out there

1. Oliver peoples Clip-on Sunglasses
2. T. Anthony Shaving Case
3. iPad
4. St. James Striped Mr Freedom Shirt from JCrew
5. Vilebrequin Vespa Classic Swim Trunk

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial day used to mean that I could finally break out that great bikini I bought during the resort collection debut. I could layer it under a silky tunic and lather up in ban de soleil orange gelee poolside. Cocktail in hand, stack of magazines on deck, and a relaxing day ahead of me. Only to be followed by a romantic dinner by the beach.

Wow. Things have chang

My husband and I decide last minute to head out the to the Hamptons with our two year old in tow for the weekend. These days, I am struggling to find a last minute one-piece at J.Crew, while stuffing my toddler into the corner with Dora on the iTouch. Their one pieces looked too matronly, and I couldn’t find an extra small top to go with a medium bottom in the bikini department. I walked out with a pair of shorts, and a checkered jumper. Oh how chic of me.

I rummaged through my closet to find a one piece tie died bathing suit from last summer…side note, my mother has the same suit. I packed a bag full of jeans, striped tees, and linen pants. I did find a beautiful beaded tunic at Intermix that I thought would glam up my old suit. Unfortunately, my son pulled the beads off one by one on the beach while throwing sand that stuck to my 30 spf baby sunblock.

After realizing my days of leisure were far behind me. I was able to pull it together with a few summer staples, a white jeans (love mine by Hudson, they are just the right weight) a wedge sandal (endless possibilities), an Isabel Marant skirt (every single piece in her collection is perfect), and a striped St. James long sleeve tee. Left behind are the summers of Body Glove tank dresses, Sun Country Wine Coolers, and neon stilettos.

That's okay, I can make one mean sand castle.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pre-Fall is Pretty Exciting!

Sorry about the dry spell.

All the Summer Sales have got me in a slump. When most are energized by the markdowns and ready for battle at the Barney's Sales, I'm hiding out in my air-conditioned house. I am suffering from withdrawl you see. It has been weeks since I have received a "What's New!" email or invitation from Bergdorfs. They have been replaced with Sale Signs and overcrowded department stores.

Then I got my first Pre-Fall notification from loeffler randall today! Check out their collection...