Saturday, August 25, 2012

Endless Summer

What a fabulous summer!

So we started off the year full of potential…babysitters,, check…new Pucci one piece, check. By the end of the summer? Baby hates babysitter, there are screaming drop offs at camp and Pucci one-piece wedgies are more my reality. But as much as I am looking forward to school starting and Fall fashion struttin I am so going to miss the hot sunny days, the flowing white dresses with boho jewelry and my highlighted locks. Ahhhh, summer lovin. 

Its so much easier to fake fabulousness in the summer; showers are a luxury in my house (for everyone but my husband that is), tan skin takes the place of foundation, and piled on rings distract from your bare nails. You can basically wear a bathing suit and cover up all day long, morning til night with out a sideward glance (if you can stand the wedgie that is). Beach hair aka unwashed dreadlocks is totally acceptable, and bare feet need nothing but a coat of Russian Red polish.

Ice cream is a suitable dinner choice, hotdogs are considered adult fare, and fresh fruit from the farm stand on the way to the lake is to be eaten by the napkins required. Naked toddlers, saggy diapers and watermelon dripping from baby chins… for them baths are also a luxury.

So fabulous people, enjoy the last weeks of care free concert nights and perfect pool days, soon to be replaced with wide spread winter colds and dark school mornings. Leave your sunblock at home, your towel in the bag and soak up the end of summer.