Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Style Rewind

A fabulously stylish friend posted a picture of the beautiful model Marisa Berenson on facebook...reminding him of me. Called "the girl of the seventies" by Yves Saint Laurent, she later became a film actor in movies like Death in Venice and Cabaret. It wasn't until recently that I began to realize that we share a love of Kaftans, golden tans, over the top statement necklaces and top knots. Basically, I want to be her when I grow up. Oh, whatever, I know that I'm supposedly all grown up.

Mostly, I am insanely jealous of her jet-setting lifestyle and glamourous gowns. What I would give to have her Valentino kaftans and Bvlgari jewels! But I will find away past my jealousy to admire her colorful spirit and boho style.

Fashion is a revolving door, and looking back into the archives can give you a new point of view.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013




So I have found something more depressing than hanging out at a suburban mall in the grey cold winter. Hanging out at the suburban mall before the stores have opened. Full of elderly mall walkers, baby strollers pushed by sleep deprived (and fashion deprived) mothers, and lingering homeless people.

Wow. And I was there too.

With my boogery toddler, my lulu lemon leggings, my Uggs, and my black down coat. No make-up, not one hair in place, and not even a trace of lip balm. AHHHHH!!! That hurts. To catch a glimpse of yourself through another's eyes. Silently screaming..."This is not the real me!! I'm fabulous, fun, young(ish), and smart!"

(My inner and more fabulous voice) "Um, no your not, you're at the mall at 9:45 in the morning. And you have no reason to be there." I didn't even need anything! That's the saddest part...I was just there yesterday scrounging for anything remotely worthy at Gap kids and J.Crew. So what did I do? I scrounged more mall sales at Janie and Jack and Pottery Barn Kids. That was after I raided Target for anything related to Easter.

"Shame, shame, shame Ms. So-Called-Fabulous. Go to your room, strip down to your granny panties and put on a sequin gown with glittery sandals, and think about what you've done."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring? Where are you!!???

courtesy of the

Spring? What Spring?

Flowers? Where?

Showers? Only the white fluffy kind.

I am DONE.

Logically I understand that we will probably have more cold days than I can handle, but in my heart I expect to see the sun. I want to pull out my spring flats and put away my damn black leather boots! My fur coat has become cumbersome and my leopard hat annoying. I have worn out my velvet pants, I have pilled my turtleneck cashmere sweaters, and my plaid button down just seems dated. Everything looks too dark, drab and depressing.

I guess the only thing to do is to look for Spring jackets (not coats, we will now refer to them as "jackets") to brighten up the dreary days. My advice? Put on a heavy sweater underneath and suck it up while sipping on a frozen margarita.

Carven's Lavender Fields

Alexander McQueen perfection

Christopher Kane in Neon Crepe

Rebecca Taylor Neon

My girl Kelly Wearstler in studs 

Polka Dots by Monclear

3.1 Phillip Lim

Monday, March 4, 2013

Everyday Style

As you all may gather I am a huge proponent of everyday style. I don't expect everyone to have it ALL together, but I do expect that you add one item into your everyday that makes you feel fabulous. It could be as simple as a bright red lipstick, a mirrored aviator, or a leopard hat. Just ONE! 
I couldn't help but drool over the amount of color and joy that photographer Tommy Ton captured in Paris this past week. I love the simplicity of a lux fur and a ski hat, the beauty of over-colored nonsense with a simple jean, the elegance of white pumps and rolled denim, the importance of a great jacket and a confident strut. 

the only thing that matters is her jacket. 

Army brat meets the secret garden. 

Ski hat and fur, not just for Aspen anymore. 

One perfect jacket can change the world (well, maybe just the day :) 

Umm, just incase you were feeling overly confident about your Spring shoe collection. 

Mismatched plaid and leopard 

My personal favorite, hey if you're going to have to have the little monster attached to you, best make sure he's as fabulous as you. 

colors that make you smile. see. 

just kicking it in Paris. simple lux. 

Note to self this Spring, ROCK the white pumps with everything.