Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous does NOT do snow.

This is obscene people.

I distinctly remember people in NYC telling me that it "doesn't really snow in the city." Ummm, were they talking about another city? What the heck!?

I feel very fortunate to be missing this "snow storm of the century" as my sis in law so eloquently rubbed in. I am still toughing it out in Southern Florida, were I braved the 65 degree weather and sat at the beach building sand castles all day. Yeah, I'm not sure that I'm coming back til Spring. When will that be, eskimos of the north?

I went into Lily Pulitzer today and was struck by the life that I wish I had.I would be very happy staying down here and turning Palm Beach into my personal oasis; days right out of the Slim Aaaron photograph above. This long, pink and green tiger and palm print tunic with gold detail was calling me home. I imagined my days by the pool with a martini in hand calling the cabana boy to bring me more bon-bons. I would have my hair done at some old lady salon twice a week, and wrap it at night. I would eat steak at the local piano bar with my hubby while the nanny stays home and sings my son lullabies. I would wake up and pop outside for a swim before Yoga, and then walk the beach with my son looking for shells. I would shop on Worth Avenue, between charity luncheons, buying the most fabulous Tomas Maier bikinis and Calypso cashmere sweaters...

Like Park Slope is gonna miss my fabulous butt? Not a chance, no one is even going to be able to see me through the blizzard!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Commander Fabulous Reporting for Duty

Being here in Florida has me reminiscing about my laid back life on Santa Monica Beach. In order to feel a little closer to my sandy home I sometimes check out some local stores online. A favorite of mine being Planet Blue (, they're always on top of the trends and have them all covered in every price range. So in a search to find my Military piece for Spring, I knew where to look. Planet Blue's 'Black Label" has created their own one of a kind military jackets, some bedazzled, patched and studded. Oh this would truly make Private Benjamin proud. While it might be a little too jazzy for everyone, it's a fun piece, and a good price. Me? I'm still holding out for the Balmain Military Blazer.

Hello, Spring? It's me, Fabulous...

Being in Florida has sped up my need for Spring. Here is an incredible straw fedora by Albertus Swanepoel. How lovely you would look strolling down the the beach in your rolled up boyfriend jeans and a loose lux white tee. Love the ribbon detail and pom-pom. Really pricey at $450, but if you can assure that your two year old won't rip it to shreds then go for it. You can probably recreate the look on your own for less...but not as fabulously as Albertus. Kiss-kiss from the beach...

Monday, February 22, 2010

J.Crew Quickie

I joke on occasion about my everyday J.Crew sweaters, but honestly, they have some great fashion worthy finds. They have incredible colors and all their stuff can be mixed and matched to make it less "Jcrewy." and more into a funky look. Here are a few pieces that I think are perfect for Spring, and they can all be pilled on top of each other! A fabulous floral blouse, a striped tee and a military jacket. All must haves for your Spring wardrobe.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello Fashionistas, I actually busted out of Park Slope for the weekend to DC with my husband and son. Um yeah, I know, it's cold here i'm heading further south on Sunday to Florida.

Any way, I have something much more important to discuss. My heart is pounding, and I think that it might just come out of my chest in a minute. I have been obsessed with a very well tailored, incredibly structured and yet romantically draped trench by Burberry Prorsum. I had actually saved the picture of this jacket in a file and was going to write about my plot to kidnap this high priced Spring favorite. When the most terrible thing EVER happened. It's out of stock.

I can't even find a picture of this jacket to show you (the picture I posted is from the same Spring 2010 Burberry line just to give you an idea of the fabulousness). Ahhhh! My trusty has had the jacket on their website, PROMISING that they were re-rodering, and still posting the jacket's picture (so that I could look at it every day and plan it's adoption process). And now, nothing. They have taken it off their website and it is no where to be found.

I kinda feel like throwing up.

Okay, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get the jacket, but I at least wanted to know that it was an option! I certainly couldn't afford it's hefty price tag with out selling my first born. And to be honest, I like him and I think he's worth more than I can get for him (plus he's a "must have" accessory here in Park Slope). So, I started to come up with some other ways that I could get the money...

I could sell my life story to the Lifetime Network; but it's not over and probably will get more juicy.
I could tell my parents that my dog was really sick and needed to barrow the money for a surgery; but then our dear family dog actually passed away, and now that just seems insensitive.
I could bag saving for private schools, and send my son to public; but with a name like Cash he might get beat up.
I could sell my mom's fur? Ha! Just kidding Mama.

Some of you might say that I should feel better that the jacket is MIA. I can stop obsessing now, it's not an option, right? Oh, you don't know me at all people. This just upped the ante. I want this coat more than ever!

And I will keep trying to get it..until I find it, and decided that it's already "out."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do they make it look so put together?!

Alright, I'm freezing and struggling to look fabulous in this winter wonderland. I have three coats that are warm enough to brave the blizzard, one of which is the famous fur (still a lil afraid to be spotted), another is my great DVF swing coat, and the last and least appealing is that damn long black down coat (also afraid to be spotted in).
But look at these two models from the Fall 2010 Rag and Bone Fashion Show. Somehow they so effortless pull together a very warm and fabulously layered look! Yes, I know its not effortless, but come on, they look incredible AND toasty warm.

So people, I'm going to work at this look, you should too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to all those Fabulous Men

Men are fabulous too and should be told so on this day of "love." Ugh to be honest, I hate Valentine's Day. I don't think that there should be one day that my husband is obligated to buy me flowers, that should be every Sunday...or whenever he does something mean. It's like New Years Eve, you're always disappointed. Funny, I told my husband yesterday "remember, just for the record, I don't like this holiday", he said, "oh well that works out because I don't like you." See that's what cupid was talking about...true love has a sense of humor.

So, despite hating the holiday I expect a gift or token from him so that i don't have to tell my friends he got me nothing. And, I do the same for him. So this year, in the spirit of winning back my Park Slope neighbors and not having the time after my much needed manicure, I shopped local. I believe that men should mantain their "fabulousness" in a different way than women. I like my guy a little rustic. Living in a world of metrosexual males has cramped my "style." I'm getting a little annoyed at men taking up my seat at the nail salon or taking the last pair of JBrand skinny jeans in my size.

Which is why I was so happy to find 'Hog Mountain' on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. The owner, Jess, is from Alabama and has Southern hospitality down to a science. First time I walked into his store he said,"Wow, I never thought I see the day when a girl would blow into the store with Prada boots and a fur coat." He gets the need to be fabulous, and has designed his store as a man cave decorated by Kelly Wearstler. He's passionate about his store, and it shows. He has chosen items that he himself finds a necessity, where else can you get a tool set and a cashmere blanket? I grabbed a couple of the "best socks ever" by Scott-Nichol and Patherella from England for my papa.Then I got my husband a manly Hunter plaid scarf and called it a day. But I would seriously just go back in the store to hang out by the campfire with a beer and a stogie.

I also like my men, and my bathroom to smell good. Not like musk, night out at the Roxbury good, but more like so fresh and so clean. All fabulous men (and their wives) can benefit from Ritual's Toilet Drops. One drop and bam no more poopy smell!

So men, get fab, and ladies encourage a little scruff and a flannel shirt. And please boys, don't steal my look.

Hog Mountain 192 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (347) 725-4236
Ritual Men's Products

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE this!

WOW, what a great mixture of dressy and comfy. This Preen Line cotton dress comes in white, navy and grey. I think it might be exclusive to This is a great site to shop the couture lines with out the hassle of the sometimes snotty sales women. More importantly it's a great website to find inspiration and outfit ideas. Anyway, I would absolutely put this on a must have for Spring. I think that I might be able to get away with it at the local haunts without getting stare downs from the black slack/Cosby sweater crew. Plus, if they do recognize me (as if I wouldn't stick out with this frilly love) and throw their Organic Beer on me, I can toss it in the washer!

Fashion for Haiti

Props to Fashion for stepping up to support the recovery efforts in Haiti.
Thanks to our very own Jenna Lyons Creative Director of JCrew for her advocacy efforts...fabulously. Frivolous? I think not.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Well, my fellow northeasterners, holy snow storm!

So my question is…should you still get fabulous on a ‘snow day?’ Should we still hold ourselves to the same glam standards on a day where no one but your dog and kids will see those dazzling duds?

I’ve been stuck inside for about 7 days now with a snot nosed, vomit spewing and diarrhea spitting SWEET little boy. When finally, this morning he wakes up begging for pancakes! He’s better! Woohooo! I can leave the house! We can go to Kidville for tumbler class. An event for which I put on my most funky sweatshirts from torn and current elliot jeans..ugh ever notice how stupid skinny jeans look with socks? Anyway, I can once again chat with the sensitive stay-at-home dads and always complimentary nanny’s (they always appreciate my flashy outfits). Yes, this is actually exciting to me.

I got downstairs only to see that the streets where filled with fluffy white stuff, not sun bleached sand as I had dreamt, but snow. I know, I know I heard the news the night before, I just didn’t believe it. I just had no idea that it would keep me away from my cute Valentino bow heels for another day. Seriously, I was feeling so unfabulous over the past week in my pajama bottoms and journey concert tee-shirts, I was going to toddle off to Union Market in those bad boys. Crap, could I take one more day as ‘sweat pant mom’ and still defend myself against the creepy combat boot bloggers?

No, absolutely not. I had to get it together. Full disclosure, it was at 1 o’clock in the afternoon . Hey, it’s better than nothing right? My son went down for a nap and I went upstairs to contemplate my dilemma. Do I take a ‘snow day’ from being fabulous? Would Mayor Bloomberg issue me a get out of (fashion) jail free card? Who am I doing this for anyway?

Ten minutes later, I found my answer in a soft fluffy cashmere Inhabit cowl neck sweater, and a pair of comfy but still skinny jeans….then when no one was looking I danced around my bedroom in those Valentino heels.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I didn't want to have to do this...

Well, I thought this would be just a fun way to spend some extra time. I was wrong. I had no idea that the blog world was such a cruel place to be. Gosh, I've never been on a 'blog' except to see my friends kids and check out the latest Park Slope Parents classifieds. I did not intend for this to be a big deal. I had no idea what I was getting in to. I feel like I have to clear some things up, because a lot of mean things are being said about me.

As some of you have pointed out, I am not a writer. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology. After that I went to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). I didn't feel that I was fulfilled and proceeded to get my Masters in Social Work (MSW) at The University of Southern California (USC). I was lucky to meet some really wonderful friends while I was there. And yes, I miss them. After working for a non-profit organization for children in threat of being taken from their home for a couple years, I decided to go into fashion again. I worked retail for a few years at two women's boutiques. I loved both of my careers and miss them terribly.

I am now a stay-at-home mom, recently transplanted from The West Coast to be closer to family and for my husband's job. I love my son more than anything in the world and would gladly be his pillow for the next ten years. I take him to music class, gym class, and play dates. I am not just a shopaholic that sits in her closet all day. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. Those classifications are the most important things to me.

This however, is not that important. I had no idea that people would reach out just to brutalize someone they don't even know. That people actually spend their time criticizing others publicly. My original post was a stream-of-thought that I wrote for I was the one who was feeling like I didn't fit in, not the other way around. I am in no place to pass judgment on others. I am a mom who understands what it's like to not sleep all night and feel like all you want to do is wash the peanut butter out of your hair. I know how it feels to not be able to do anything for yourself. That's why I started this blog, I thought that it would be something fun that I could do for me. Not to fight, or start a 'blog war' (with someone named sassy?).

Yes, I love clothes, and bags and other frivolous things. Seems like that's all you blogger critics are focused on. Please, if you don't like what I have to say move on. I don't expect everyone to like the things that I talk about. If you don't, engage me in an open and mature discussion. The thing is, I just moved here, I wasn't trying to ruffle feathers. I'm just trying to find my place. I hope you are happy in yours.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some things I love

fab accessory finds...

An instant way to turn any outfit into one worthy of SJP is an Emerson Made Flower. These are the updated version of the Sex and The City flower phenomenon, they are also handmade of linen and wool, with a felt center. So many to choose from! I got the Big Poppy and the Blue (which is actually a great shade of purple) sure to brighten even the darkest winter days. Nice thing about them is that you can update almost any old sweater or coat! These were brought to my attention by my always fabulous sisters ;). Check out their incredibly inspiring website at

On the other hand you can add little bad girl to that rainy day with these motorcycle rain boots from Chooka that I found on These boots allow me to fit in with the combat wearing moms while staying dry and sassy. They will be equally as useful in battling my blog critics at the playground with some bad ass spikes.

Honestly, I swear by F21 accessories. Especially their necklaces, you can buy like 3 of them for $30, and it doesn't matter if your little munchkin tears them off of your neck in the middle of your 'fabulous' time at Kidville. They let you know that they are not returnable at check out, I almost want to laugh. Umm, yeah when it falls apart in two days i'll be sure not to bring it back. Anyway, it's worth the two days in something fun and crazy, go ahead pile them on top of each other. You can buy them online at

Accessorizing is always a fun way to add something to your day, and the nice part about them is they can be used over and over again!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Closet Trolls

Wow, it's been a hard week to stay fabulous people.

My son has been throwing up on me for three days and we got a snow storm that seemed beautiful for about 5 minutes.

Ahhh, I had to get out! So, I went up to my room to prepare for my last minute adventure. I walked into my closet to get dressed for a party, that I wasn't going to attend because of the puke monster. And that's when it happened...I couldn't fab it up.

It was like I lost my mojo. How could I have lost my desire for something so incredibly rewarding?! oh my fabulosity, where art thou?

This can't be happening. I had two gorgeous, slinky, and still tagged Helmut Lang printed dresses hanging in my closet begging me to show them a good time. One of them so excited it had accessorized itself with two necklaces looped around the hanger (usually a great way to save a little time pulling an outfit together while providing you a great spot to keep your necklaces). All I had to do was wipe the two layers of vomit off my arm, pull on some tights and my lovely Loeffler Randall snake print booties and I was instant glam. So, what was wrong with me?

Here are my theories for my fall from grace. First of all, I was freezing. My dressing room resembled more of a walk in cooler than a walk in closet. And the thought of getting into a tiny dress was too much for my frigid toes to bare. I had ordered a pair of Plush fleece lined tights, but they were too small (great for the ego). I really think that these tights might change my life, I will post more about them when I get the embarrassing size I had to order in the mail. All I wanted to put on was a big sweater. Which is quite sad for someone who plans outfits days before she goes somewhere and just waits for an invitation that says "cocktail attire!" This was depressing.

Second, I was worn out from being a nurse, playmate, and pillow all day. My sick son had been throwing up on me (yes, he got that beautiful electric purple sweater covered in it), laying on me, and climbing on me for days. I had watched more animated television than my blood shot eyes could take. I was starting to take fashion notes from iCarly...hey maybe i could wear a couple layered tees with tights and short know, leg warmers might really elongate my calves...i wonder if old navy still has any striped scarves on, barbie's looking great these days. This is not good.

I stood there in my underwear getting colder and more tired by the minute. So, i did it, I half assed it. Although I couldn't get that Helmut Lang silk piece of art over my head, I made some compromises with the closet trolls (they can be very judgmental). I grabbed a pair of leather leggings, a florescent pink top (see a theme?), and placed a cheap but fun feather & bead necklace from F21 over my head. Topped it off with a sheer sweater (I couldn't give up the sweater), and slipped on those snake skin booties.

Okay, so it wasn't "cocktail attire." But I did wipe off the vomit and I managed to put some concealer on my dark under eye circles. The message here ladies is that being fabulous takes work, and like everyone else I sometimes loose my mojo. But there is always room for compromise. Most of the time, there is enough energy for an extra piece of "flare." Add a flower pin, a over sized necklace, put on a pair of heels, your inner fashionista will thank you for it. Go on, let your closet trolls splatter you with glitter.

I had a great time at the party, it was refreshing to talk to grown-ups in sequins, men in ties, and people sipping champagne. Fabulous once again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More is More

Add a little something…more is more.

Not surprising to some, I LOVE color. I love fabulously bright things. For example, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a very special new bauble…a florescent pink top handle bag.

I literally dream about this bag. I have focused my entire Spring around this bag.

This bag is to blame for an outrageous shopping spree, both online and in JCrew. The JCrew sales woman actually personally emailed me after leaving the store to invite me and my friends for a “Homecoming Party” for my new bag. I had to have an assortment of brightly colored tees and sweaters (mostly in electric purple) to compliment my bag. Then I remembered that I can’t forget the neutrals! Oh, how beautiful my lady will look along side my linen colored sheer sweater and silk beige blouse.

I have planned vacations for my new little friend. I imagine us heading off to…oh reality hit me…no where.

I will be walking around Park Slope with my florescent pink handbag in winter boots and the same jacket that I wear every day. I will most likely be stuffing my son’s juice boxes, goldfish and dirty diapers into the luxurious leather frame. It will end up as unappreciated as most of us moms! It will get made fun of by my arch enemy co-op neighbors and be the laughing stock of the third street playground. WHAT!? Noooooo!

Oh, do not fret my little love muffin, I will protect you from the messenger bag meanies and the backpack bullies. I will stand up for you against the basic blacks and the always practical chocolates. I will parade you around Seventh Avenue like the jem that you are ( truly outrageous truly, truly outrageous JEM!).

Fabulous mommies unite. More is More. Don’t let anyone tell you different (well, except when it comes to make-up, please no zinc pink lipstick).

Fabulous in Park Slope

Here is the essay that started it all...

January 10, 2010

I recently moved here from Santa Monica California. I grew up in Rochester, so I am no stranger to the east coast. But I was in SoCal for ten years. Saying it’s a big adjustment is an understatement. But this is something that I noticed today.

Why I don’t think I belong here in Park Slope…

I think fur is fabulous (please don’t yell at me this isn’t about PETA). And I believe that being fabulous is FUN.

I could really just say that and be done with this whole essay on why the hell I stick out like a sore thumb here in this Brooklyn town. But since I have nothing else to do but wait for the season premier of Big Love, I’ll go on…

I have a sick 18 month old and a husband that would be happy just sitting on the couch watching all Sunday. I had to get out of the house. And this wasn’t easy, because reason number two I don’t belong here is that it’s 25 degrees. Umm, that’s just not okay for me. Which is why I thought that putting on my mother’s J. Mendel Mink Coat with my over the knee Prada boots was SO necessary for my walk.

Apparently, I’m the only one in Park Slope who wants to stay warm…and fabulous at the same time. I got some pretty interesting looks on my outing, and it’s about time. To be honest, I was happy that they were taking notice that there is something else out there than long black The North Face down coats and mittens made in Nepal. I don’t understand, you are missing out on all the fun it is to be Fabulous! I miss seeing other people all dolled up, contemplating what the new “it” bag is, and seeing the most incredible new Louboutins on the girl across the street.

I know what you’ll say…go into Manhattan. Thing is, I have a baby and it’s difficult to make the trek with him. And to be honest, I’m not sure that I’d find what I’m looking there either, because it’s too damn cold! It’s too cold to wear the newest spring collection pieces before spring (because they are coming out NOW!). It’s too cold to wear my new Stella McCartney Navy bubble rain coat, or my sexy new Alexander Wang cowl neck tank.

So, like the rest of the group, I’ll be wearing my JCrew turtleneck sweater, jeans and uggs. I’ll sit at the playground with all the other kids who are cold and have running noses. And I’ll stand there while the moms with the hipster combat boots, and knit caps don’t talk to me.

But I’ll know that I’m still fun and fabulous...I’ll be wearing the inappropriate fur.