Friday, November 26, 2010

If I could I would...

If I could, I would sport this adorable jumpsuit by Joseph all over town. It's the anti-overall. It's actually perfectly tailored, preppy and slightly retro at the same time. Love the long slim legs and the white button details. The navy color has sailor written all over it, but dark enough to be dressed up with a silky blouse.

Seems that these days I am attracted to just about anything that has a waist...jealousy i suppose.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate

So, here I am in the burbs.

I left the city for a simpler, although not less fabulous, life in Upstate New York. More grass, more friends, more kids... less shopping. Last night I actually had dreams about waltzing through Santa Monica Place in LA, and lunching at Barney's in NYC. What made me realize I was dreaming was more the slow leisurely pace at which I was moving, not necessarily the abundance of dreamy frocks. Even while living in the City I was unable to enjoy the act of shopping. Due to my two year olds impatience with designer boutiques and my growing stomach I have been subject to rushed boring shopping moments lately. I would rush into the store to buy wool sweatpants (my fall staple), tee-shirts and boring oversized sweaters.

Oh how I miss the days in Santa Monica where I would walk Montana Avenue without an agenda, stumbling upon unique beautiful pieces. Now, I am frantically searching for a pair of pants that fit, and limited to an array of lifeless baggy knits. So, I turned to my friend the Shoe.

Instead of a bunch of boring maternity clothes I have set out in search of some yummy boots and booties this season. I found a fabulously chocolately pair of booties from Loeffler Randall that are both comfortable and sexy! Although the only places I might be wearing these are the grocery store and Bed Bath and Beyond, a girl's got a reputation to uphold.

Hope these lift my spirits and my belly!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother

I am officially a parody thanks to my friends over at Park Slope Parents (! Their promotional Halloween Posters are all over the hood depicting yours truly as The Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother. Hysterical, I guess I know what I'll be for Halloween...myself!

You SHALL Go to the Ball Pit!

October 15th, 2010 by admin

The Fabulous OMGodmother

“But OMG! NOT WEARING THAT!” Fresh from her debut season of Real Fairy God Mothers of NYC the Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother has arrived to save Park Slope from itself. With a flick of her wand microfleece becomes chinchilla, Berkenstocks, Bottegga. And PETA?
“Oh please! PETA doesn’t have to look at all that LANDSEND. “That’s cruelty, darling, cruelty and barbarism! It’s the fashion equivalent of clubbing a baby seal! Avert your eyes! I’m putting it out of its misery!”
You’ll find her conducting “makeovers” outside Connecticut Muffin and speaking in tongues “FM? OMG! TMMT! AYWABODYSLSTYC?! “ She’s here to help you get your fabu-fairy on – and she brought her credit cards.
*translation: “Frump much? Oh my God! Too much muffin top! Are you wearing a bra, of did you simply lash sandbags to your chest?”

Park Slope Peeps come join the Halloween Parade and Costume Contest!
Come on out for New York City’s largest children’s Halloween parade!

The Park Slope Civic Council’s Halloween Parade is October 31st.

4 pm – Costume Contest and performance by Ethan’s Motley Rockin’ Show
(in front of John Jay High School)
6:30 pm– Children’s Halloween Parade, beginning at 7th Avenue and 11th Street
7:30 pm– Post Parade Party at Washington Park featuring Paprika, Hearts of Steel and the Famous Accordion Orchestra

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bigger is Better

What I would like to be wearing this Winter.

Thank goodness big sweaters are in this Fall.

Well, it looks like my wardrobe this Fall will sadly be without the cropped red leather skinny pants from Isabel, the bow silk blouses by Yves, and the fitted camel stand up lapel blazer by Stella. Sigh.

This mama will be limited to baggy sweaters, leggings, and over the knee boots this winter. I’m thrilled to say that my belly will swell up to the size of a beach ball by Spring! And that’s not because of all the yummy bagels and French fries I’ve been eating. Fabulous is having a baby!

Oh, there is so much that I don’t remember about being pregnant! It’s like I remember it through rose colored glamorous glasses! I remember going to yoga in my adorable Beyond Yoga outfits. Walking the boardwalk in Santa Monica in long colorful maxi dresses. Baby doll tops and dresses were all the rage, and you could basically wear anything off the rack! I got my hair blown out every Friday, and had monthly spa days. I did in fact glow. That was what it was like to be pregnant with your FIRST.

The second? Slightly different. My morning sickness is clashing with my two year olds morning rituals, like needing to be up and fed. Now, I am lucky to take a shower and throw my hair in a wet bun. My son has nicknamed my hair-do my “magic meatball” that should give you an indication of the state of my grooming rituals. I can barely manage pulling on my boyfriend turned skinny jeans on and the same baggy sweater every day. I ran out of blush a month ago and have been rubbing lipstick on my face instead. I am in need of a color touch up, my wrinkles somehow look deeper, and my motivation is at an all time low.

I’ve been lucky to find some beautiful baggy, yummy sweaters. I guess that I’ll be hitting up American Apparel for an array of colored leggings. I’m aware that Lindsay Lohan and I are the only ones still sporting these glorified tights, but like Lindsay I’ve run out of options too.

What I will be wearing this Winter

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dreamy Shearling

Ohhh, cozy has a whole new meaning when paired with shearling and some fabulous designers.



My fav and new obsession...Burberry Prorsum's Shearling Jacket

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Does this look like a "breeder?"

Park slope coined term "breeders" is driving me crazy. Am I a farm animal? Okay okay, looking around at the mommies in the hood I might call them that too. But as I have pointed out there are fabulous mommies out there who are proud of their mommy role as well as that of a glamorous selfish diva.

Here's the definition I found online: "Breeder" can be used as a derogatory term by childfree people of any sexual orientation to refer to parents who focus on their children and abandon their previous friends and lifestyle, or to women who give birth to many children. This term divides my neighborhood between those with and those with out. Those pregnant walk around overheated, with swollen ankles, men's tee shirts and sweatshorts. Oddly enough those who are "without" walk around the same way.

I recall however, what a different experience I had being pregnant for the first time in sunny Santa Monica...

I felt beautiful! I worked at a fabulous womens boutique part time and was admired by the coffee guy across the street, ogled over by the clientele at the store and my girlfriends were giddy at the sight of my belly in a bikini.

My husband and I went on a baby moon to the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs when I was 8 months pregnant. I basked in the dessert sun poolside in an Eres bikini, Doir shades and a good book. I was soon accosted by a group of gay guys marveling over my tanned belly. They had just left there 4months old home for the first time with grandma, and found comfort in a mommy to be.

I wore fitted cotton tanks dresses by Rick Owens, layers of splendid tees and leggings, seven maternity jeans and sky high marni heels. I still had time to do my hair and my complexion glowed. I went to prenatal yoga twice a week and a small prenatal work out group once a week. Come to think about it I was in better shape and more pulled together when I was pregnant than I am now!

Now that I have a two year old I do feel slightly less glamorous. I will try most days to be more put together than a barn yard horse, and I'll be wearing the animal print this year cause it's "in" not to be hunted by hipster singles.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Park Slope Fashion Don't

Don't wear your bathing suit around the City.

What’s with the women walking the streets of park slope in their bathing suit tops? The weather is amazing, beautiful sunny Saturday. But where the hell are all these people going in their bathing suits? They don’t have luggage with them, not a beach bag in site, but still they are sporting string tops underneath their tanks and street fair dresses.

Is it a fashion statement? Have they got some mysterious fabulous pool in Prospect Park that I am unaware of? Or are they stripping down at the playground sprinklers? Personally I find it a little ghetto to lay out in your bikini at the city park, but then again every girl needs to get her tan on. Perhaps I have some suggestions to get that tan AND keep your dignity.

Sit in your strapless dress at the coffee shop with a stack of your favorite beach reads and load up on iced coffee and croissants, channel your inner European ancestor.

Try a triangle top cami dress, take your tike to the playground and plant yourself on a sunny bench (they’ll be plenty of room most moms are in the shade).

Go Sporty Spice and grab a Stella McCartney for Adidas racer back tank, work out and work on your tan!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Risks

A quick Recap...
I was thrilled to catch a fab spread in the new InStyle magazine this month called "10 New Style Statements, Go ahead we dare you!"

The article focuses on stepping outside the fashion box. I love bending the rules of fashion to create my own look, to bring couture to everyday, or to make a trend more mommy friendly.

Here are a few of the Fall trends...
1. Go strapless for Day. I think that the idea of using an oversized clutch for day is an instant way to not just look glam but feel fancy all around. The feel of the bag in your grasp makes you walk with a little more attitude. It sounds crazy, but next time your strutting down the street with your PS1 purple pouchette you'll laugh as you notice the swagger.

2. Rock Socks with skirts. Although I've personally wimped out on this trend many times, I still have high hopes off pulling it off this Fall. The oxford shoe may help get me past the front door. J.Crew has brightly colored socks thin enough to layer under your fab pumps or booties.

3. Mismatch your prints. This is my favorite and yet can be the most challenging to accomplish without looking like a homeless person. I couldn't even find a good enough picture to demonstrate the idea! So go out on a limb and try florals with polka dots.

4. Do denim on denim, please use with caution. This is best accomplished by a skilled professional. Start by trying dark skinny jeans and a lighter colored chambray button down.

5. Untame your tresses. The bigger the better, luckily I have hair from the 80's.

alice and olivia feather skirt

6. Add edge to evening wear. Sequined blazer with jeans, sequined skirt with a chunky sweater and boots, sequined harem pants with a white tee shirt....get the picture? Go by something sequin and wear it with everything from your pj top to your converse sneakers. For an evening out, wear a gown topped with a leather motorcycle jacket. Why wait for another boring wedding to wear that fabulous long beaded skirt? Pair it with some gladiator sandals, a bright colored tee and top with a boyfriend blazer. It's also a great way to get to wear some of those dressier pieces in your closet everyday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Retail Meltdown

this is the opposite of my day.

Shopping with your two year old is never fun. Let’s now add in annoyed and pushy sales people, mediocre merchandise and a total meltdown. Oh joy.

I don’t worry about dragging my son into stores here in Park Slope cause I am under the impression that they are expecting me to walk in with child. This place is best known for their stroller jams and pre-school arguments. Given the neighborhoods family focus, retailers are prepared for the occasional little person. Most of the boutiques have a pile of toys in the corner for tots to entertain themselves with, but that does mean that they will then want to USE them. They will want to take every piece out, chew on it, throw it, and scream bloody murder when you tear it from their tiny grasp.

After just five minutes in this particular store, the sales girls are both annoyed that my son and his little friend have taken out every toy they have, and trying to push boring merchandise on me. Then when I am forced to leave prematurely with a screaming child and empty handed; I get a nasty look. Listen, I worked retail, I get it. Every body wants to make a sale, and seeing the same moms who are “just looking” every day must get frustrating. But you are a clothing store in a hippie dippie, urban suburban, baby factory town.

Here are some suggestions; engage your clients, make it a fun experience, offer me a drink (doesn’t it look like I could use one?), pull out something other than a plain jane jean, turn up the music and play some old school Cindi Lauper (however, I am partial to Journey), look like you actually are happy you have a job, and please don’t push things on me…I get pushed around enough by my two year old.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

FALLing for Eric on Seventh

Eric Shoes on Seventh

Sweedish Hasbeen Clog Boots

Bass Penny Loafers

Frye Moto Boots

Calling all Park Slope Shoppers...

I had the opportunity to speak with Eric of Eric Shoes on Seventh the other day. I figured that it was time to get out there and befriend some local retailers...especially those that might be able to help with the Fall Boot Dilemma.

I was thrilled to see the Fall merchandise pilling into the store as I walked through the doors. I almost beat down the sales girl in order to get the first look! Along the right side of the store, it was easy to see what this Fall had in store for me, the Men's Look has taken center stage.

One of my favorite looks is the oxford, manly yet sculpted for a more feminine physic. Eric has found the most amazing and surprising gem...a heeled oxford made from warn-in leather by none other than Timberland Boot Company. I know I may just loose my reputation by suggesting such a brand, but it is apparently a different division of Timberland, incorporating fabulous leather and quality work. He sold out of the lovely nude, but says he will be restocking in chocolate for Fall.

Following the Men's trend will be so much fun with a pair of Boemos slip on oxfords (made in Itlaly), they were light grey and yummy. I love the idea of these hubby inspired shoes with wooly tights and the most fabulous sequin mini, layered under a warm fur vest. Better yet, a lunch date at theFour Seasons sporting the Frye Moto Boots with a beaded dress and a big fat TSE sweater wrapped around me.

I then spotted a memento from my Catholic School days (surprised?)... a pair of Bass Penny Loafers! It may have to be my Fall calling card, I think that I am obsessed. I can't wait to put that shiny penny in and watch them crack and wear. Over the next couple years they'll only get better; worn with no socks, a borrowed men's shirt, diamond earrings and rolled up jeans in the summer. They will carry so well into Fall with tights and a plaid skirt, ahhh. Did I actually just speak highly of the seasons in the city?

I might not have to go all the way to Manhattan for some of my favorite high end designers. Eric Shoes carries, Rachel Comey's Shoe line (as sold at Bergdorfs), Cynthia Vincent's full line of sandals (now on sale!), and more. A top seller is their Les Trios Garcons Ballet Flats. Made in Italy the black patent pair was perfectly pristine, and half the price of Repettos. The owner Eric has been in the business forever, taking trips to Milan to see the upcoming trends and searching for the best quality products he can find. Eric claims that he is focused on comfort and quality, but Fabulouness must be next on his list.

PS: HUGE Summer Sale now at Eric's, and if you're not a Park Slopper then just call and they'd be happy to ship out your favorite pair.

Eric Shoes on Seventh
202 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's Nice and do it!

Park Slope ladies, what's the deal with the Salt n' Peppa look?

So, this birthday I decided that instead of treating myself to a day at the spa, I better spend a day at the Salon. Turning back the hands of time was more important than celebrating my 35th day of birth. There were only 4 strands, but every where I turned it was a reminder of how old I was getting. I was not going to let them win. Does she? YES, she does.

However, I have noticed that my neighborhood mama's have not taken responsibility for their stray grays. Having darker hair like I do, it's is more difficult to cover those wiry strands but not impossible! It's a simple wash, you can even do it yourself (although I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have Eduardo give you a head massage). I think that it's the honorable thing to do.

Mamas, this can turn back years; brighten your skin tone and make those blue eyes seen through the square rimmed glasses! I'm sure that the Food Co-Op must sell some version of a hair color? Maybe 'Go-Go Green Grays'? 'Henna the Heck outta those Grays'?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot and Sticky

Well, I know I can't complain about the heat after all my bitch'n this winter. So I won't...I'll complain about the humidity.

Hot rain, about as yummy as a warm mayonnaise sandwich.

What the heck do people where when it's this sticky? If I wear a dress I'm afraid that my not so toned thighs will get stuck together. Not to mention, a dress is very hard to keep down when at Kidville class with my son. I attempted to wear leggings today, but they became a second skin. Jean shorts were too thick and uncomfortable, and linen shorts seemed to beachy for my urban hood.

I went on a hunt through the summer sales to find some last minute summer options. My heart was pulling me towards a new winter fur vest, but my sweaty knees were in need of some relief. Here are some ideas, let me know if you have any of your own!

Haute Hippie tank dress
t bags short shorts
my fav and hard to find Taka Pants

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to basics

Lobster Brooch

Wood Ring Necklace

Mariner Leather Purse

Textured Pullover

pencil skirt

Summer vacation to my best friends house in Kennebunkport Maine meant a day trip to the LL Bean store. Filled with monogrammed tote bags, rope bracelets, and fleece vests it was hardly a fashion mecca. But it did represent classic summer style.

Now, L.L. Bean has launched their Signature Line to compete with the J.Crew mania. They won back their head designer Alex Carleton, who took a sabbatical from L.L. Bean to create is own avant-garb line Rouges Gallery. The result is a Jackie Kennedy throw back with upscale touches, and red white and blue pallets.

The prices are great even before the Summer Sale! My sister swears by their pencil skirts, say they are a perfect fit, and she looked oh so cozy in her navy fisherman's sweater for a dinner by the Lake. Here are some of my favs from the line.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bold in Brook&Lyn

These Agate Necklaces by Brook&Lyn just put the fabulous back in my hood. The line is inspired by one-of-a-kind agate stones that Designer Jung stumbled upon during a recent visit to Hong Kong. Incredible statement necklaces that would pair perfectly with a crisp white blouse or a maxi dress. Just ordered the blue one, so excited!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fall Coat Alert!

The thought of another winter makes me gag.

But I am going to be ready this year. I am going to start scouting for the most fabulous coat I can find. Believe it or not, now is the best time to look. The Fall collections begin selling now, and the most amazing of coats are gone by August!

Here is one of my favorites so far...

Mui Mui has put the most lovely spin on the peacoat!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's hear it for the Boyz...

Happy Father's Day!

Here are my favorite Father's Day presents. Classic, Manly, and Timeless treats! Mostly inspired by my always fabulous Papa, best dressed man that I have ever known. Love and Laughter to all those wonderful Daddy's out there

1. Oliver peoples Clip-on Sunglasses
2. T. Anthony Shaving Case
3. iPad
4. St. James Striped Mr Freedom Shirt from JCrew
5. Vilebrequin Vespa Classic Swim Trunk

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial day used to mean that I could finally break out that great bikini I bought during the resort collection debut. I could layer it under a silky tunic and lather up in ban de soleil orange gelee poolside. Cocktail in hand, stack of magazines on deck, and a relaxing day ahead of me. Only to be followed by a romantic dinner by the beach.

Wow. Things have chang

My husband and I decide last minute to head out the to the Hamptons with our two year old in tow for the weekend. These days, I am struggling to find a last minute one-piece at J.Crew, while stuffing my toddler into the corner with Dora on the iTouch. Their one pieces looked too matronly, and I couldn’t find an extra small top to go with a medium bottom in the bikini department. I walked out with a pair of shorts, and a checkered jumper. Oh how chic of me.

I rummaged through my closet to find a one piece tie died bathing suit from last summer…side note, my mother has the same suit. I packed a bag full of jeans, striped tees, and linen pants. I did find a beautiful beaded tunic at Intermix that I thought would glam up my old suit. Unfortunately, my son pulled the beads off one by one on the beach while throwing sand that stuck to my 30 spf baby sunblock.

After realizing my days of leisure were far behind me. I was able to pull it together with a few summer staples, a white jeans (love mine by Hudson, they are just the right weight) a wedge sandal (endless possibilities), an Isabel Marant skirt (every single piece in her collection is perfect), and a striped St. James long sleeve tee. Left behind are the summers of Body Glove tank dresses, Sun Country Wine Coolers, and neon stilettos.

That's okay, I can make one mean sand castle.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pre-Fall is Pretty Exciting!

Sorry about the dry spell.

All the Summer Sales have got me in a slump. When most are energized by the markdowns and ready for battle at the Barney's Sales, I'm hiding out in my air-conditioned house. I am suffering from withdrawl you see. It has been weeks since I have received a "What's New!" email or invitation from Bergdorfs. They have been replaced with Sale Signs and overcrowded department stores.

Then I got my first Pre-Fall notification from loeffler randall today! Check out their collection...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get your dancing shoes out...

Bravo to fellow blogger Kelly Hampton for pointing out the small things in life. Check out her post on "Having it All." An inspiration to all mommies to get their dancing shoes out, call their girls, and get out for a night on the town.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No more Mom Jeans...

In fact I am sick of jeans all together.
It is the classic mom get up, jeans, ballet flats, a striped tee shirt, and a summer scarf. AHHH! Even I can't escape the monogamy some times. I am married to these skinny jeans, and I can't seem to find a "pant boyfriend."
I think the dirty streets of NYC cause an even greater dependancy on the mom jean. I don't want to wear my summer dresses on the subway in fear that the seat might stick to me like glue (and I'd be actually relieved if it was glue), and showing my undies at the playground is not exactly going to make me any new friends.
So I've been researching some other options. First, the Skinny Cargo Pant; good choice, a close relative to the skinny jean. Second, the Harem Pant; trendy option and surprisingly flattering, unfortunately your husband might try to change your diaper rather than your baby's. Third, Drawstring Slouchy Silky Pant; great to wear out for dinner, but hard to disguise the pizza sauce.
Here are some of the picks of the week, so get our of your rut and cheat on those boyfriend jeans with a hot pant.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I wear my Sunglasses at night...

Sunglasses are sometimes the only way a mom can pull that glamour girl look together. So having the perfect pair to cover those under eye circles and distract from your unwashed coif are essential. I believe that BIG and BOLD is the way to go. You can wear those tattered sweats and go for the celeb walk-of-shame look, or a pair with a plain black dress to channel your Upper West Side Gossip Girl. With a great air of shades you can get away with just about anything. You can hide from the mom that's always pestering you about your choices in organic brand baby food, or the neighbor who's trying to get you to join the community gardening club.

Here are a couple pairs that I found from New Zealand designer Karen Walker (the black and the red) at PS: she also has a great line of nautical jewelry and dresses!

I also found a pair of Roger Vivier Tortoise glasses that are sure to get you into the hottest beach clubs in the Hampton's.

Viva La Glam Darlings!