Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl.

Although I did cry when I couldn't find this Fendi Colorblock Chameleon Bag in the colors I wanted...And I couldn't sleep when I thought about all the incredible outfits the bag would complete...And I was kinda naughty when I decided that I would buy myself a christmas gift instead of my husband.

But other than that, I've been a very good girl.

So what do ya say Santa Baby? How about stopping in Paris on your way to my house this year and picking up a Fendi surprise for yours truly?

Fabulous in Need

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Dressed

Workout gear…

So, I’m not sure if I feel envious or annoyed when I see all the moms at pre-k pick up with their workout clothes on.

I have one kid at school and a 6 month old at home. If I’m lucky, I get to do ONE thing a day for myself, my house or my family. And that one thing just isn’t torturing myself on a treadmill for 2 hours. I just don’t get it. Lunch’n with my girlfriends, check…pedicure with my baby in tow, check…dentist appointment, ugh check.

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only mom who puts on her skinny jeans first thing in the morning rather than her yoga pants. And I stay in them all day.

I wore enough spandex while I was pregnant to earn stock in Lululemon…I couldn’t wait to get out of it and squeeze my flabby body into some denim. Really, was workout gear designed to be an all day get up? Or are you just showing off that you have more will power than me to get to bootcamp. Either way, use your last 30 minutes at the gym to hop in the steam room, blow out your hair, and get dressed!

Please, stop making me feel bad about myself.

Unless of course you are leaving the gym looking like Nicole Richie, rocking the leather jacket and fab bag right after a sweat...thumbs up.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hats off

Not sure how I feel about the big floppy felt hats for fall and winter… It’s just a little too Mary Tyler Moore for me.

I’m not totally opposed to the hippie dippie look that Nicole Richie pulls it off with. I love jean shorts, a fringe vest, and boots topped off with a floppy hat at Coachella. Even Jenny from the block could occasionally pull it off.

What really turned me off was Kim Kardashian’s white ensemble with the white wide brimmed hat. It’s not that it’s white, I do adore white after labor day (I hate fashion rules). And don’t get me wrong, I love the Kardashian’s as much as the next girl and I’m all about keeping up with them. But it’s so overdone and it doesn’t seem to provide any purpose.

A sun hat I get, you are lame and you don’t want to get a fabulous glow. And a fedora, well I get that too; in the winter it can keep your blow-out from getting snowed on. Even a knit cap to keep your diamond studs from freezing over can be useful.

So, my advice is unless you’re on a yacht in St. Tropez keep the brim slim.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello Fall...Hello again my fabulous friends!

I'm back.

I kept putting off writing cause I thought I needed an excuse…um then it dawned on my that it’s MY blog. Ha!

So that being said. Here are my excuses anyway; First, I moved from Park Slope to Rochester New York. Yes, you heard me I took my fur coat and my attitude and headed for the burbs.

Second, I had baby and totally became a fat bloated pregnant women who’s best looks were maternity jeans and draped sweaters…boring! I literally, gained 50 pounds and blew up like a balloon. Even my OTK boots wouldn’t zip up over my kankles.

Lastly, I lost my fashion idol. My dad was the most fabulous person I knew, the most incredible dresser, and had a laugh that could light up a room. He was famous for going sockless in loafers, sporting long hair and Izods in the 80’s, making a bow-tie cool again, he adored wearing shocking pink corduroy pants, he was always in search of the perfect white button down, and he topped it all off with a Burberry Trench. He was Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss all rolled in to one. I was inspired by his artistic design and driven by his love for his ‘fabulous’ girl. He was my biggest fan. I miss him everyday.

Actually, caring for him while he battled cancer, and loosing him to the disease is why I stopped writing. And now my mourning is what has brought me back. I decided to have my father’s round tortoise Oliver People eye glasses, made into prescription sunglasses for myself. After picking them up, I looked in the mirror. Then I said “hi sweetie,” just like my dad said to me every morning. It made me smile, really truly smile. That’s how I knew I was ready to come back to Fabulous in Park Slope. Enjoy life, live without regret and always remember how fun it is to be fabulous.

In honor of my dad, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite men’s wear looks for Fall.

Lanvin Loafer

Miu Miu Brogue

Band of Outsiders..a man after my own heart.
Boy. By Band of Outsiders (

Velvet Tux Jackets by Stella McCartney