Friday, November 26, 2010

If I could I would...

If I could, I would sport this adorable jumpsuit by Joseph all over town. It's the anti-overall. It's actually perfectly tailored, preppy and slightly retro at the same time. Love the long slim legs and the white button details. The navy color has sailor written all over it, but dark enough to be dressed up with a silky blouse.

Seems that these days I am attracted to just about anything that has a waist...jealousy i suppose.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate

So, here I am in the burbs.

I left the city for a simpler, although not less fabulous, life in Upstate New York. More grass, more friends, more kids... less shopping. Last night I actually had dreams about waltzing through Santa Monica Place in LA, and lunching at Barney's in NYC. What made me realize I was dreaming was more the slow leisurely pace at which I was moving, not necessarily the abundance of dreamy frocks. Even while living in the City I was unable to enjoy the act of shopping. Due to my two year olds impatience with designer boutiques and my growing stomach I have been subject to rushed boring shopping moments lately. I would rush into the store to buy wool sweatpants (my fall staple), tee-shirts and boring oversized sweaters.

Oh how I miss the days in Santa Monica where I would walk Montana Avenue without an agenda, stumbling upon unique beautiful pieces. Now, I am frantically searching for a pair of pants that fit, and limited to an array of lifeless baggy knits. So, I turned to my friend the Shoe.

Instead of a bunch of boring maternity clothes I have set out in search of some yummy boots and booties this season. I found a fabulously chocolately pair of booties from Loeffler Randall that are both comfortable and sexy! Although the only places I might be wearing these are the grocery store and Bed Bath and Beyond, a girl's got a reputation to uphold.

Hope these lift my spirits and my belly!