Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bed Head versus Wet Mop


Thank god I finally had my hair cut and colored yesterday. A much needed primp, as my grays started to take over my overgrown and unstyled locks. My layers were so long they had caught up with the rest of the party, where the stragglers had well over stayed their welcome.

Due to my amazingly fabulous daily hairstyle of just throwing my wet hair into a bun, I had highlights only on the top…that’s the opposite of ombre people. I seem to have three looks when it comes to my hair, blown out and smooth (a rarity), dirty bed head, or wet mop pilled on top of my head. For some reason it’s the last thing I think to do. On my list of important chores to get ready for the day, that comes last on the list.

It’s behind curling my eyelashes, rummaging through my jewelry drawers for an extra 10 lbs of accessories, finding something with sequins or feathers to add on top, and trying on 3 different pairs of shoes. It never seems to make the cut. Its always the moment my daughter wakes up, or when the show my son was watching ends, or the minute the phone starts ringing. Got it? I never do my hair.


In a world were I am as fabulous as you all think, I would be hitting up the Dry Bar for a blow out of beachy waves and a champagne cocktail every day at 11am (after I sleep in of course).  Buuuuut, that’s not really an option at this point so I thought that I should search Pintrest (another thing that comes before doing my hair) for some messy hair ideas. I guess the unruly pony is my best bet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I heart NY

I love love love Manhattan, fantastic food, bustling  taxis, yummy cocktails, and great shopping...

What I don't understand is why in a place where the windows are bright with spring colors; Barney's, Bergdorfs and Saks just oozing with neon hues, maxi dresses, and everyone walking the streets pissed off in their black dresses and camel overcoats coats?!

I grabbed much more attention than I had intended on that 65 degree April day, sporting my halston long fuchsia dress and my neon peach motorcycle jacket. People we're shocked at the light that had entered their angry village. Along with a couple strange looks (you're not from here are you?), I was encouraged by the few people who smiled on the street, complimenting the dress, the color and the Spring feeling it gave them.

Going back to the city for a much needed girls day and night brought me back to my days on Park Slope. The frustration in peoples eyes as they tried to get a cab, the annoyance of those trying to rush to get lunch on their break, and the inability to just walk down the street and smile. I forgot what that was like until I bumped into a few people and turned to say excuse me or sorry, or just politely smile...they were gone before I could even mutter a word. Busy busy.

So lighten and brighten up city dwellers, the Spring flowers will be here before you know it. All the hipsters will be hanging at the cafes dining alfresco. Enjoy the early warm weather and break out your white denim, pair it with your camel blazer and if you feel you must go ahead and wear your motorcycle boots one last time.

This quote says it all...
"My favorite food groups are feathers and sequins" (Moda Operandi cofounder of Lauren santo Domingo), and I'm not afraid at all to feast on it all over New York!