Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Chocolate

So, here I am in the burbs.

I left the city for a simpler, although not less fabulous, life in Upstate New York. More grass, more friends, more kids... less shopping. Last night I actually had dreams about waltzing through Santa Monica Place in LA, and lunching at Barney's in NYC. What made me realize I was dreaming was more the slow leisurely pace at which I was moving, not necessarily the abundance of dreamy frocks. Even while living in the City I was unable to enjoy the act of shopping. Due to my two year olds impatience with designer boutiques and my growing stomach I have been subject to rushed boring shopping moments lately. I would rush into the store to buy wool sweatpants (my fall staple), tee-shirts and boring oversized sweaters.

Oh how I miss the days in Santa Monica where I would walk Montana Avenue without an agenda, stumbling upon unique beautiful pieces. Now, I am frantically searching for a pair of pants that fit, and limited to an array of lifeless baggy knits. So, I turned to my friend the Shoe.

Instead of a bunch of boring maternity clothes I have set out in search of some yummy boots and booties this season. I found a fabulously chocolately pair of booties from Loeffler Randall that are both comfortable and sexy! Although the only places I might be wearing these are the grocery store and Bed Bath and Beyond, a girl's got a reputation to uphold.

Hope these lift my spirits and my belly!

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