Thursday, May 28, 2015

Don't be a Quitter.

So here we go again. round and round we go with the mommy mess versus fabulous blogger dispute,  seems like I should be able to do both. And, yet I cant seem to pull it together to even find my computer half the time. Although I have to admit I'm pretty good at being a hot mess mama. Slobber on the shoulder, check. Wiping baby boogers with my sweatshirt, check. Unkempt top knot bun, check. Asleep before most people eat dinner, check.
So, for the the fabulous fashion blogger? Eh, I guess what I'm good at is faking it. I love clothes and I love buying a special piece or accessory that will distract from my messy life. For example, I'm running out the door this morning, after showering with the baby because I had no where to put him down without insuring that he wouldn't eat garbage or destroy the house, I throw on my "you're too f'ing old to wear these overalls", a tee, and top it with a linen blazer (that i took out of the dry-clean bag in my car). I justify my "ensemble" by wearing my gorge Illvesta green mirrored shades and swearing that i'll make it back to put make up on in an hour. So three hours later and a million errands in between I'm at the DMV for what I thought was just a vision test to renew my license. Then the women says "sit down and face the camera." What the hell!?? Just like that I am having my driver's license picture taken just weeks away from my 40th birthday in OVERALLS and no make up, hair un done and unable to hide my ridiculousness with my sunnies. Fail. Point DMV.

I guess I'm supposed to be telling you how NOT to fail in daily fashion. But sometimes you need a reality check. Sometimes you fail. Even with a closet full of options, it's easy to get caught with your overalls down around your ankles so to speak.

(replaced the dirty blazer after dry cleaning drop off)