Thursday, May 20, 2010

No more Mom Jeans...

In fact I am sick of jeans all together.
It is the classic mom get up, jeans, ballet flats, a striped tee shirt, and a summer scarf. AHHH! Even I can't escape the monogamy some times. I am married to these skinny jeans, and I can't seem to find a "pant boyfriend."
I think the dirty streets of NYC cause an even greater dependancy on the mom jean. I don't want to wear my summer dresses on the subway in fear that the seat might stick to me like glue (and I'd be actually relieved if it was glue), and showing my undies at the playground is not exactly going to make me any new friends.
So I've been researching some other options. First, the Skinny Cargo Pant; good choice, a close relative to the skinny jean. Second, the Harem Pant; trendy option and surprisingly flattering, unfortunately your husband might try to change your diaper rather than your baby's. Third, Drawstring Slouchy Silky Pant; great to wear out for dinner, but hard to disguise the pizza sauce.
Here are some of the picks of the week, so get our of your rut and cheat on those boyfriend jeans with a hot pant.


  1. I'm loving my j brand skinny cargos this summer. No denim here either!

  2. yeah.. the j brand houlihan cargos are amazing! and i got an awesome pair of harem-ish loose terry sweats from Juicy. (yes, i am over juicy - but these from shop bop are awesome).

  3. agreed! i am LOVING my jbrand cargos. I also got the Current Elliot boyfriend army green pants, and a fabulously cozy pair of Vince linen blend harem pants.