Monday, May 3, 2010

Jumper…Romper? Whatev, it’s a great mom’s outfit.

I was hesitant to participate in the jumper phenomena. I was a little skeptical that it wasn't age appropriate. I mean, I remember my mama putting me in them when I was like three. I wasn’t even unsure that they were actually for real. I would look at them online and think… is this a joke? Is this designer’s guilds way of making a mockery of us followers of fashion. I could picture Donatella and Donna laughing like two sorcerers staring into a which’s caldron, images of us common folk in one piece patterned get-ups like preschoolers.

But eventually, I too was tempted by their spell and purchased a silk short romper at Lilly P’s while on vacation. Then when the temperature hit 90 yesterday I decided that it was time to take that puppy out for a walk through the Park. My son was being a typical two year old, barely patient enough for me to put one leg in. But all I had to do was get two legs in and tie the pretty little straps into bows. Presto! I had an instant outfit. Foolish or not this was starting to be a good day.

Then we get to the Prospect Park Playground, it’s hot and sticky. My son insists on getting in the sandbox (filled with bugs and dirt…not sand), making me show him that the slide is not scary by sliding down myself, and climbing the monkey bars. To my amazement, my jumper is unharmed, and I have saved myself the embarrassment of exposing myself like Paris and Brittany.

I was able to stay in my outfit through the playground, cleaning the house, and throwing a BBQ party! Amazing. Highly recommended, even if I feel like I should be the one in the stroller rather than the one pushing it.

Find these two APC jumpsuits at

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