Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot and Sticky

Well, I know I can't complain about the heat after all my bitch'n this winter. So I won't...I'll complain about the humidity.

Hot rain, about as yummy as a warm mayonnaise sandwich.

What the heck do people where when it's this sticky? If I wear a dress I'm afraid that my not so toned thighs will get stuck together. Not to mention, a dress is very hard to keep down when at Kidville class with my son. I attempted to wear leggings today, but they became a second skin. Jean shorts were too thick and uncomfortable, and linen shorts seemed to beachy for my urban hood.

I went on a hunt through the summer sales to find some last minute summer options. My heart was pulling me towards a new winter fur vest, but my sweaty knees were in need of some relief. Here are some ideas, let me know if you have any of your own!

Haute Hippie tank dress
t bags short shorts
my fav and hard to find Taka Pants


  1. Ok, I kinda take back the T-Bag shorts referral. But I do LOVE my taka pants, they are light and airy and the always get attention.

  2. Where do you get the taka pants?

  3. I own those Taka pants! And I got mine at Last I checked, they were on sale too!!! woo-hoo!!!!! But I will attest, after over a year of trying to find a pair, they ARE really hard to find!!

  4. I have bought them at the snappy turtle and love shack in delray beach Florida before, see if they have any in stock!