Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's Nice and do it!

Park Slope ladies, what's the deal with the Salt n' Peppa look?

So, this birthday I decided that instead of treating myself to a day at the spa, I better spend a day at the Salon. Turning back the hands of time was more important than celebrating my 35th day of birth. There were only 4 strands, but every where I turned it was a reminder of how old I was getting. I was not going to let them win. Does she? YES, she does.

However, I have noticed that my neighborhood mama's have not taken responsibility for their stray grays. Having darker hair like I do, it's is more difficult to cover those wiry strands but not impossible! It's a simple wash, you can even do it yourself (although I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have Eduardo give you a head massage). I think that it's the honorable thing to do.

Mamas, this can turn back years; brighten your skin tone and make those blue eyes seen through the square rimmed glasses! I'm sure that the Food Co-Op must sell some version of a hair color? Maybe 'Go-Go Green Grays'? 'Henna the Heck outta those Grays'?

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