Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bigger is Better

What I would like to be wearing this Winter.

Thank goodness big sweaters are in this Fall.

Well, it looks like my wardrobe this Fall will sadly be without the cropped red leather skinny pants from Isabel, the bow silk blouses by Yves, and the fitted camel stand up lapel blazer by Stella. Sigh.

This mama will be limited to baggy sweaters, leggings, and over the knee boots this winter. I’m thrilled to say that my belly will swell up to the size of a beach ball by Spring! And that’s not because of all the yummy bagels and French fries I’ve been eating. Fabulous is having a baby!

Oh, there is so much that I don’t remember about being pregnant! It’s like I remember it through rose colored glamorous glasses! I remember going to yoga in my adorable Beyond Yoga outfits. Walking the boardwalk in Santa Monica in long colorful maxi dresses. Baby doll tops and dresses were all the rage, and you could basically wear anything off the rack! I got my hair blown out every Friday, and had monthly spa days. I did in fact glow. That was what it was like to be pregnant with your FIRST.

The second? Slightly different. My morning sickness is clashing with my two year olds morning rituals, like needing to be up and fed. Now, I am lucky to take a shower and throw my hair in a wet bun. My son has nicknamed my hair-do my “magic meatball” that should give you an indication of the state of my grooming rituals. I can barely manage pulling on my boyfriend turned skinny jeans on and the same baggy sweater every day. I ran out of blush a month ago and have been rubbing lipstick on my face instead. I am in need of a color touch up, my wrinkles somehow look deeper, and my motivation is at an all time low.

I’ve been lucky to find some beautiful baggy, yummy sweaters. I guess that I’ll be hitting up American Apparel for an array of colored leggings. I’m aware that Lindsay Lohan and I are the only ones still sporting these glorified tights, but like Lindsay I’ve run out of options too.

What I will be wearing this Winter


  1. congratulations! i fell in love with that alexander wang sweater, too, but it runs HUGE. even if you're planning to wear it pregnant, order a small - i'm not kidding! and congrats again. xoxo

  2. Congrats! We're "working" towards the same goal. :) Where are you finding all the sweaters?

  3. Love your blog, this post and the sweater ideas.


  4. lol! it's all about leggings and boots! i feel ya! the 2nd is definitely different!

    love you, fatty!