Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother

I am officially a parody thanks to my friends over at Park Slope Parents (! Their promotional Halloween Posters are all over the hood depicting yours truly as The Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother. Hysterical, I guess I know what I'll be for Halloween...myself!

You SHALL Go to the Ball Pit!

October 15th, 2010 by admin

The Fabulous OMGodmother

“But OMG! NOT WEARING THAT!” Fresh from her debut season of Real Fairy God Mothers of NYC the Fabulous Fairy OMGodmother has arrived to save Park Slope from itself. With a flick of her wand microfleece becomes chinchilla, Berkenstocks, Bottegga. And PETA?
“Oh please! PETA doesn’t have to look at all that LANDSEND. “That’s cruelty, darling, cruelty and barbarism! It’s the fashion equivalent of clubbing a baby seal! Avert your eyes! I’m putting it out of its misery!”
You’ll find her conducting “makeovers” outside Connecticut Muffin and speaking in tongues “FM? OMG! TMMT! AYWABODYSLSTYC?! “ She’s here to help you get your fabu-fairy on – and she brought her credit cards.
*translation: “Frump much? Oh my God! Too much muffin top! Are you wearing a bra, of did you simply lash sandbags to your chest?”

Park Slope Peeps come join the Halloween Parade and Costume Contest!
Come on out for New York City’s largest children’s Halloween parade!

The Park Slope Civic Council’s Halloween Parade is October 31st.

4 pm – Costume Contest and performance by Ethan’s Motley Rockin’ Show
(in front of John Jay High School)
6:30 pm– Children’s Halloween Parade, beginning at 7th Avenue and 11th Street
7:30 pm– Post Parade Party at Washington Park featuring Paprika, Hearts of Steel and the Famous Accordion Orchestra

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