Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do Something Awesome

My “little” sister

As if I didn’t feel old enough listening to the 80’s station in the car with my little sister, not only did she not dig the Wham greatest hits montage, but she notes “I wasn’t even born yet.”

Now, my little sis is making her big move out West. She's graduated from college, a new pad in Denver and a snowboarding French boyfriend. It was 2000 when I headed out to California, for fashion school, a new pad in Brentwood, and a boyfriend that would later become my husband and father to my two little midgets.

I’ve had the pleasure of having her live across the street from me for the past 5 months; she’s been a fabulous aunty, a loving sister, and a wonderful friend. After so many years of living apart (and me leaving to sell my wild oats while she was still young) I was given such an amazing opportunity to learn from my little sister.

She has devoted herself to helping others. Again and again she has surprised me with her empathy for others and more importantly her ability to morph that empathy into change. Not many people ever DO anything about their empathy. But she has motivated others, children, and people in her community to follow through with their good intentions. All awhile she has done that with a smile, a loving hug and enthusiasm when most would give up.

Now she is moving far from home, to grow, to experience and to build a company out of her heart. She is starting a non-profit documentary film company devoted to education and social change.

This is my “little” sister. She sounds pretty BIG doesn’t she?

Everyone should be an advocate for change, social change, change in your community or even your own little family. As my little sister says, “What? You don’t think I can do that? Watch, I’m gonna do something awesome.” Go girl, head out West and be awesome.

Love and miss you.

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