Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Meltdown

3.1 Philip Lim

So we’ve all been there. It starts out with a good intentioned outfit laying on your ottoman. You get out of the shower, put on your undergarments and begin to get dressed. You’re in a perfectly good mood…

Then you realize that the pants aren’t working with the top….you grab another pair of pants. Then you put on the sweater…the sweater doesn’t match with the pants. Then you change the sweater and realize that…yes, the sweater doesn’t fall right with the top. AHHHH!!!

Fashion Meltdown begins.

Instead of just scrapping the whole outfit all together you begin frantic CPR on the ensemble. And it turns into a total disaster. You can’t see past the pants, cause you’ve already changed them twice, you’re determined to make them work so you add jewelry to the outfit to pull it together, inevitably it’s costume crap that you haven’t worn in 10 years. It looks even worse, so you add red lipstick to distract from the mismatched metals hanging from your ears. Now you look like a prostitute. You’re hair is now piled on top of your head in a wet mess because you don’t have time to dry it. Then you here the squawk from the monitor… the baby is now up from her nap and there is no time to repair the damage.

And there you have it, you look like a 4th grader.

In order to prevent this closet chaos, have a few “pre-made” outfits that "hang together." Instead of a panic, scrap everything and go straight to the pre-made. This will relieve your anxiety by giving you plenty of time to do your hair and a few moments to carefully apply a pale peach gloss. Save your creative juices for another day.

Here are few jumpsuits to take the guessing out of the day (top off with a blazer!)

Issa Jumpsuit
Michael by Michael Kors
Tuxedo Jumpsuit (love this)

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