Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall for Fall? More like I got pushed.


The summer is literally draining from my body. My face is turning paler everyday, my hair three shades darker and my tan lines almost non-existent. The leaves may be getting brighter but my complexion is dreary. It happens every year at the same time, one day I’m totally fabulous and the next I feel like my body has been taken over by a ghost.

I thought that it would help to have my highlights covered up, get me into a pumpkin-carving mood. I thought that you wouldn’t notice that the ever-present glow about me was gone if the orange streaks in my hair had disappeared. Turned out that I just totally erased all signs of summer. My foundation no longer has to be mixed with “Tan” to get a perfect match, my cheeks require less peach blush and more terracotta, and the circles under my eyes have nothing to compete with any more. I feel awesome. ha.

Tanning is no longer an option, as I do really appreciate my skin being attached to body these days, and feel that I have already used up all seven of my “tanning bed” lives. So I gues that I’m left to illuminating make-up and some warm pumpkin toned attire to brighten me up...until the plane leaves for sunny Florida of course.

Atlantic-pacific blog does ornate orange

love these Gwen Ash leather sneaks

Current Elliot does summer fall cords

fur vest gets a rocker make over

Line Blanket sweaters ohhhh sooo cozy

pumpkin picking

Fabulous any time of year in Stella 

Adore this sweater by Kelly Weastler

Terracotta blush is essential for getting thru the winter

Laura Mercer brings the glow back with their radiance primer

Turn dark circles into bright circles with Laura Mercer eye serum 

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