Friday, September 28, 2012

First Bitten

I’ve always been proud of my bold colors and loud neons. Too bright pastels have been my calling card for as long as I can remember. I don’t buy black. I don’t wear black puffer coats by THE North Face, and I don’t support the boring black carry-all (especially because they’re practical). I reject the LBD as wimpy, and expected and I would not be caught dead in a black slack.

Until, I was bitten by the NEW BLACK. This is not your “sensible” go with everything safety black. This is stand-out, holy crap what Castle did you come from kinda black. The most Mysterious Blackest Badass Black on the block.

This season’s liquid black leather, and vampy goth looks have me drooling blood. Naughty is so very nice. Yes, mama has turned into a vampire, and I’m ready to be very mean. I pulled out my old black moto boots (even loving that they are beat up and worn), pared them with a short Helumt lang silk skirt and leather sleeved sweater….of course I had to throw on my fur trimmed gray overcoat (I am not ready to give up my furs people). I took my wicked-ass self to a fashion event ALONE and felt like I could kick people in the shin if I got a dirty look. I grabbed some champagne made my rounds confidently, and then left swiftly like I had something much better to do. Like pick up my bike from the garage and drive the very long road up to my dark and dreary Castle for a blood martini on my velvet couch. Ugh, I’m so busy people!

Just in time for Halloween, I have my “costume” ready…

Markus Lupher 

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