Monday, February 25, 2013

B & W

Black and white

Remembering some of my favorite outfits from the 90’s…my Body Glove ensembles in black and white. It had several coordinating pieces, leggings, a couple tank dresses and a skirt. My best friend and I could each wear a whole outfit and match. So, i’m having serious flash backs on the runway this season! The back and white graphics are everywhere. 

I am currently OBSESSED with Marc Jacobs Spring coordinates. Sequins have never looked so Mod. The back and white stripes, the checkerboard tops, and the pixie cuts. Austin Powers, baby! 

Here are some of my favorite. Don’t worry Kate, I wont make you dress up like me…unless you want to? 

Atlantic-Pacific Blog

Each X Other (just ordered this amazing leather jacket!)

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

MJ Spring 2013

MJ Spring 2013


  1. Love that leather Jacket!! was drooling over it online the other day!!

  2. That last dress on the bottom is awesome! Kinda reminds me of those pictures where if you look at them long enough 3D images start to pop out of them. Very trippy dress. A little Tim Burtony too.