Monday, March 4, 2013

Everyday Style

As you all may gather I am a huge proponent of everyday style. I don't expect everyone to have it ALL together, but I do expect that you add one item into your everyday that makes you feel fabulous. It could be as simple as a bright red lipstick, a mirrored aviator, or a leopard hat. Just ONE! 
I couldn't help but drool over the amount of color and joy that photographer Tommy Ton captured in Paris this past week. I love the simplicity of a lux fur and a ski hat, the beauty of over-colored nonsense with a simple jean, the elegance of white pumps and rolled denim, the importance of a great jacket and a confident strut. 

the only thing that matters is her jacket. 

Army brat meets the secret garden. 

Ski hat and fur, not just for Aspen anymore. 

One perfect jacket can change the world (well, maybe just the day :) 

Umm, just incase you were feeling overly confident about your Spring shoe collection. 

Mismatched plaid and leopard 

My personal favorite, hey if you're going to have to have the little monster attached to you, best make sure he's as fabulous as you. 

colors that make you smile. see. 

just kicking it in Paris. simple lux. 

Note to self this Spring, ROCK the white pumps with everything. 

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