Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Fight at Barney's

Barney’s Co-op coming to Brooklyn!

As if I didn’t have enough of a beef with the high and mighty Park Slope Food Co-Op, then I read this in the Brooklyn Paper…

“The venerable Park Slope Food Coop has fired a shot against the fancy-schmancy Barneys Co-op, saying that the department store slated to open later this year on Atlantic Avenue has illegally coopted the word “co-op” — and one lawyer says the supermarket may actually have a case!”

For those of you Fabulous readers who are not familiar with the Park Slope Food Co-Op here’s a little explanation… It’s a “co-op.” You have to work at the grocery store for free, and wear hideous yellow vests declaring your devotion to the neighborhood. For this service, you are granted forty percent off all your favorite organic brands, longs lines with hippie dippies, and neighborhood “approval.” This is a cult, not an organization. In fact, after shopping (if you can call it that) you have to be escorted home by a tagged member of the ‘church’ forced to chat up the latest in green farming. These are the people that are organizing against my mission to fabulize Park Slope.

Honestly, the Food Co-Op truly is my arch enemy. Are they trying to ruin my life? Do they think that their patrouille-scented, unshaven armpits can drive the glamorous Barney out of Brooklyn? Are they really that stuck on themselves that there is no room left in the neighborhood for the rest of us?

I have been so thrilled at the prospect of having Barney’s Co-op moving to their new location in Cobble Hill here in Brooklyn. FINALLY, somewhere to go and gab about the latest Elizabeth and James Collection, or the newest trends in denim washes. I was actually thinking about just applying for a part time gig just to be surrounded by some fabulousness. They would have to pay me in clothes of course.

Please pledge you’re support for Barney’s Co-Op and everything fabulous. Fabulous Mommies Unite!


  1. Courtney, I read your blog all the time and I really do like it so please take this as constructive criticism and not as a hate comment.

    Just wanted to give you some friendly feedback, and tell you that I really miss posts like this one:

    I know that you're still the same girl who wrote such a lovely defense for yourself when people attacked your initial posts, but lately your posts have been really aggressive somehow and I want to read more from the intelligent woman who wrote the above post.

    I don't know you in person, so maybe you're rants are intended to be read with a humor that is lost on me. I don't know...

    Anyway, I wish you the very best. I like reading about your fashion choices and about you finding ways to be yourself in an environment that isn't familiar to you-- but if your posts continue to read as shallow as this one, I probably won't keep following your blog.

    (Not that this should upset you-- I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference to you if you lost me as a reader-- you can't please everyone after all!)

    Take care, Courtney! I hope that I haven't offended you, and I hope that you're able to read this comment and consider the possibility of adjusting your perspective on future posts.

  2. Yes, you were correct. This again was meant to be read with humor. I guess that I can't please everyone, and that's not my goal. It DID irritate me that the Food Co-Op felt the need to bash Barney's, there is plenty of room here for everyone, no?
    In response, I then lashed out at the Co-Op in good humor, it was funny I thought. Anyway, I appreciate those who find the Co-Op a helpful option in the neighborhood. I just don't need to feel slighted because I like Union Market and Barney's ;)
    I'll call a truce on a beautiful and fabulous day like today.

  3. I have to say that I find this to be completely annoying. I hate hearing about frivolous law suits such as this one. Don't people have something better to do with their time? It's not as if The Park Slope Food Co-op has coined the word 'co-op'. Who are they to police the use of the word? It just seems like a completely self-obsessed, narrow minded argument that PSFC is using to garner attention. Why can't we all just get along?

    I, too, am extremely happy that Barneys Co-op will be blessing the borough!

  4. The PSFC is well within its rights. The law of NYS says that only true cooperatives can call themselves Co-ops. So Barney's can just change its name, and you can shop away. Try not to get so worked up about this.

  5. it's ridiculous, i highly doubt that Barney's will need to change the name of their world wide stores because a fuss at a Park Slope grocery store.

  6. Completely agree with you Courtney. However, more importantly can you please tell me if the main page picture is of your living room and if so, did you do it yourself? It's absolutely gorgeous!

  7. the main page of the blog is my dressing room/library. i love the PINK! I had a little help from some very fab design team at The Brooklyn Home Company (, and added my personal touches like the Matthew Williamson Wall Hanging from the Rug COmpany and great patchwork furniture from ABC home.