Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be More.

Change is part of life and should be embraced, right? Evolution is part of each one of us and we hope that our internal growth keeps up with our external change. Then why do I feel so crappie about it?!

There is something that someone commented “anonymously” on the blog after I wrote my post about my sister…and I can’t stop thinking about it. They wrote simply “please write more like you used to.” That’s it. No explanation, no details, no reference as to what the HELL she meant by “used to.” Here I finish a beautiful story and tribute to my little sister’s work on social CHANGE and she’s asking me to be more “like I used to.” AHHHH!

This is going to drive me crazy. I looked back at my posts from the previous year, searching for insight. I found some. Yes, indeed my posts have changed. I didn’t intend on changing the tone or the content, but my life DID change.

I moved from Park Slope, lost my father and had another that order. WOW, did things change. Maybe now I am less critical of others, less consumed by the difference between me and “them,” and more accepting of others choice in shoes (hehehe). In addition, the move from Park Slope to Rochester made me feel less of an outsider and more of an insider. Feeling less threatened, I was able to wear my glamour more confidently. That changed the way that I perceived the world around me and actually has made it more difficult to point out the idiosyncrasies in my OWN hometown. I know too many people (and their mothers) to piss people off! Ha!

But I do owe it to those who have followed me since Park Slope to reconnect with my inner Fabulousness and be secure enough to know that people will embrace the nuttiness that drives my writing without judgment.

So in the spirit of all that is gaudy, sparkly, overdone and overpriced, I will poke fun at the local grocer, insist on better stores at the Mall, and motivate Rochester to put away their clogs and buy a pair of stilettos.

kiss kiss

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  1. Jen KG from Park SlopeApril 4, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    I just read the comment (I didn't post it) - and I think you misunderstood. It read, "please write more often like you used to" - more OFTEN! I don't think it was a criticism, I think it was a declaration of love!

    I've enjoyed your blog since your first post on Park Slope Parents. Thank you for bringing those of us fighting the frumps the best of the trends and lots of shiny shoes and fancy pants. Truly.