Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashion Challenge vs The Fashionably Challenged

Challenge: Can I pull off a sequin skirt on a random Thursday evening?

Ummm, no. 

I mean, I guess that in my fabulous mind (where I live in a sex and the city episode), hells yeah! But I’m sure that it was little strange to my five girlfriends and the rest of the patrons at the après work wine bar. I strutted my neon pink sequin pencil skirt, CASUALLY paired with a white tee shirt and bohemian necklaces, down the street in Corn Hill up past the outdoor patio with confidence. I was of course the first to arrive so I kept my big black shades down and started checking emails on my iphone (I’m very busy people!). I sat at a table outside to wait for my friends and ordered up some bubbly. As I do, I glance up at the two women sitting next to me (I like to refer to them as frumpy-cowlneck lady and bra-baring-sundress-tattoo lady) to see them chuckle to one another while glancing in opposite directions trying to avoid eye contact with me. While it’s not that I really care what they think, it was certainly a “I’m-more-fabulous-than-you” moment.

Listen, there is no reason to punish my gorgeous clothes because I have no where glamorous to take them here in Rochester! They want to get out, they need to get their drink on too sometimes…let loose.

So we sat in outside in the warm Spring air, drank flights of French wine, nibbled on cheese and charcuterie, then finished the night with chocolate truffles.  Sounds like a pretty fancy affair, no? Now who’s inappropriately dressed cowlneck and tattoo ladies?

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