Wednesday, March 20, 2013




So I have found something more depressing than hanging out at a suburban mall in the grey cold winter. Hanging out at the suburban mall before the stores have opened. Full of elderly mall walkers, baby strollers pushed by sleep deprived (and fashion deprived) mothers, and lingering homeless people.

Wow. And I was there too.

With my boogery toddler, my lulu lemon leggings, my Uggs, and my black down coat. No make-up, not one hair in place, and not even a trace of lip balm. AHHHHH!!! That hurts. To catch a glimpse of yourself through another's eyes. Silently screaming..."This is not the real me!! I'm fabulous, fun, young(ish), and smart!"

(My inner and more fabulous voice) "Um, no your not, you're at the mall at 9:45 in the morning. And you have no reason to be there." I didn't even need anything! That's the saddest part...I was just there yesterday scrounging for anything remotely worthy at Gap kids and J.Crew. So what did I do? I scrounged more mall sales at Janie and Jack and Pottery Barn Kids. That was after I raided Target for anything related to Easter.

"Shame, shame, shame Ms. So-Called-Fabulous. Go to your room, strip down to your granny panties and put on a sequin gown with glittery sandals, and think about what you've done."

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