Monday, April 26, 2010

Bringing Preppy Back

Thank you Mrs. Lillian for reminding me of how much I LOVE to be pretty in prep. One of my fav blogs Mrs. Lillian told a story of the 'Mrs' yachting trip abroad...all aboard!

She also introduced me to Harvey Faircloth. Immediately, I was taken to Nantucket via ferry to a life that I adore. Somewhere where crisp white buttons downs and silk scarves are a religion. Where one eats lobster rolls while sipping Clamoto juice and Vodka on the grey docks of the marina.

These designs are fifties inspired preppy, with a large collar or wide leg pant to add a touch of glam. Definitely not a look for the streets of Brooklyn where Prepster has been replaced by the Hipster. But I will not let that stop me. I will make it a summer project to bring Preppy to Brooklyn. I will show the park slope sloppies how they can turn that smile upside down. How they can turn that patchwork skirt into a gingham mini, and that stretched out tee-shirt into a bell sleeved lover. I will put white adirondack chairs on my front stoop and sell ribbon belts with whales, madras headbands, and jack roger sandals. Like a kid with a lemonade stand I will sell sunshine to those dreary moms. I will channel my inner Buffy and tie that cotton knit over my shoulders and strut my espadrille wedge stuff down Prospect Park West. Better yet, I'll skip.

Watch out Brooklyn, I may be the only one in the head scarf and mini skirt at the coffee shop but I'll be the one with the best tan.

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