Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hipster Inspired

I was pleasantly surprised today at my adventures in my neighboring Carroll Gardens. I had a sleeping toddler in the stroller which was the perfect opportunity to shop! I came across Bird, and found out that some of these Brooklyn hipsters actually do have some glam left in them! I actually drooled over a Isabel Marant coat. I couldn't believe that I had spotted something so spectacular so close to my park slope hood! I literally I felt that this jacket, with it's rhinestone details and multicolored trim, would some how 'complete me.' As my husband would point out, I needed plan to get that coat. It's 1600 price tag was intimidating, but I will construct some sort of excel spreadsheet to figure out a way to bring that baby home.
Anyway, I settled on a less fabulous and more hippie choice, a Cecilia Prado peasant top. I love finding something different and colorful! Perfect summer concert outfit with this Steven Allen skirt and Swedish Hasbeen clogs.
Okay, Okay I know. I should be bashing my hippie hipster neighbors for their lack of fabulousness...and don't worry, I will next week.
Meanwhile you can check out Bird online and in Boogie Down Brown.


  1. I miss my weekend visits to bird :( It has been too long since i have ventured to Park Slope for some cousin time

  2. You do realize that Bird has two locations, and that one is in Park Slope, right?

  3. Yes! I know I have frequented the Park Slope 5th Ave location. But I was excited to see a wider selection of fabulous garb in the Carroll Garden's store. Great buyers at Bird. Bravo.