Sunday, August 29, 2010

Does this look like a "breeder?"

Park slope coined term "breeders" is driving me crazy. Am I a farm animal? Okay okay, looking around at the mommies in the hood I might call them that too. But as I have pointed out there are fabulous mommies out there who are proud of their mommy role as well as that of a glamorous selfish diva.

Here's the definition I found online: "Breeder" can be used as a derogatory term by childfree people of any sexual orientation to refer to parents who focus on their children and abandon their previous friends and lifestyle, or to women who give birth to many children. This term divides my neighborhood between those with and those with out. Those pregnant walk around overheated, with swollen ankles, men's tee shirts and sweatshorts. Oddly enough those who are "without" walk around the same way.

I recall however, what a different experience I had being pregnant for the first time in sunny Santa Monica...

I felt beautiful! I worked at a fabulous womens boutique part time and was admired by the coffee guy across the street, ogled over by the clientele at the store and my girlfriends were giddy at the sight of my belly in a bikini.

My husband and I went on a baby moon to the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs when I was 8 months pregnant. I basked in the dessert sun poolside in an Eres bikini, Doir shades and a good book. I was soon accosted by a group of gay guys marveling over my tanned belly. They had just left there 4months old home for the first time with grandma, and found comfort in a mommy to be.

I wore fitted cotton tanks dresses by Rick Owens, layers of splendid tees and leggings, seven maternity jeans and sky high marni heels. I still had time to do my hair and my complexion glowed. I went to prenatal yoga twice a week and a small prenatal work out group once a week. Come to think about it I was in better shape and more pulled together when I was pregnant than I am now!

Now that I have a two year old I do feel slightly less glamorous. I will try most days to be more put together than a barn yard horse, and I'll be wearing the animal print this year cause it's "in" not to be hunted by hipster singles.


  1. Just a helpful hint for your future posts - try to spell-check or have someone edit for you. Lots of misspellings and grammatical mistakes are a turn-off for most people.

  2. Thank you Mr. anonymous. Point taken, I often am in between diaper changes and nap times while writing a quick post and it doesn't leave me much time to have it proof read. But, none the less I do hate to be "a turn off" so I will make sure to give it a better look over before sending it out.

  3. I think you could work on expressing yourself a bit more eloquently. This post was a major turn off, won't be reading this anymore.

  4. I thought the post was fine and funny. Methinks anonymous needs to ramp down the pedantry and get a life. Keep it up Courtney, loving the blog and zone out the whingers, they need to get a life rather than going round nitpicking people's spelling and grammar on blogs. If you don't like it don't read it mate!

  5. Courtney keep it up girl! Don't let's the toxic ones crush your groove. More than likely that was one of the less than fab in the slope.

    This is your personal blog so fuck spell check and grammatical mistakes! You aren't writing for the NYTimes are something. Geez.. I have my comments section on my blog set to moderate so i can delete assholes like that. It's your right and your blog.