Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Retail Meltdown

this is the opposite of my day.

Shopping with your two year old is never fun. Let’s now add in annoyed and pushy sales people, mediocre merchandise and a total meltdown. Oh joy.

I don’t worry about dragging my son into stores here in Park Slope cause I am under the impression that they are expecting me to walk in with child. This place is best known for their stroller jams and pre-school arguments. Given the neighborhoods family focus, retailers are prepared for the occasional little person. Most of the boutiques have a pile of toys in the corner for tots to entertain themselves with, but that does mean that they will then want to USE them. They will want to take every piece out, chew on it, throw it, and scream bloody murder when you tear it from their tiny grasp.

After just five minutes in this particular store, the sales girls are both annoyed that my son and his little friend have taken out every toy they have, and trying to push boring merchandise on me. Then when I am forced to leave prematurely with a screaming child and empty handed; I get a nasty look. Listen, I worked retail, I get it. Every body wants to make a sale, and seeing the same moms who are “just looking” every day must get frustrating. But you are a clothing store in a hippie dippie, urban suburban, baby factory town.

Here are some suggestions; engage your clients, make it a fun experience, offer me a drink (doesn’t it look like I could use one?), pull out something other than a plain jane jean, turn up the music and play some old school Cindi Lauper (however, I am partial to Journey), look like you actually are happy you have a job, and please don’t push things on me…I get pushed around enough by my two year old.


  1. Shopping in the Slope falls into two catergories: Pushy - "This is a great T shirt - just feel the cotton - it's worth your montly mortgage payment" or Bored - "Yeah? Ummm, I don't know...I GUESS I could look in the back. Oh, you really want me to get off my ass and look in the back? Oh, ok then I guess" I love shopping local but the prices and the quality do not mesh - far too expensive for bad quality and not very helpful salespeople.

    But I too adore Eric on 7th - buy all my shoes there now and they have the perfect blend of Comfort and Cool.

  2. Agreed, shopping local IS important...which is why I offered up my "suggestions!"

  3. Courtney, I just found your blog - I'm childless but you speak the truth. Retail around here (exceptions: Bird, Eric on 7th, Beacons Closet if you like to scrounge for things, as I do, Diana Kane) is horrific both in offerings and in attitude. Crunchy-granola arrogance with a side of style-based resentment. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Thanks cupcake! To their defense it's been a slow summer for the retailers, but I feel like it's then all the more important to stock some more exciting pieces! I would rather by one fab unique and special item than a bunch of so-so midrange pieces.

  5. Courtney...loving this post! Your LA Pal Andrea (Lucy & Rocco's mom)

  6. Just got caught up on your blog, Sweetie. I love it!