Sunday, August 15, 2010

Park Slope Fashion Don't

Don't wear your bathing suit around the City.

What’s with the women walking the streets of park slope in their bathing suit tops? The weather is amazing, beautiful sunny Saturday. But where the hell are all these people going in their bathing suits? They don’t have luggage with them, not a beach bag in site, but still they are sporting string tops underneath their tanks and street fair dresses.

Is it a fashion statement? Have they got some mysterious fabulous pool in Prospect Park that I am unaware of? Or are they stripping down at the playground sprinklers? Personally I find it a little ghetto to lay out in your bikini at the city park, but then again every girl needs to get her tan on. Perhaps I have some suggestions to get that tan AND keep your dignity.

Sit in your strapless dress at the coffee shop with a stack of your favorite beach reads and load up on iced coffee and croissants, channel your inner European ancestor.

Try a triangle top cami dress, take your tike to the playground and plant yourself on a sunny bench (they’ll be plenty of room most moms are in the shade).

Go Sporty Spice and grab a Stella McCartney for Adidas racer back tank, work out and work on your tan!

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  1. Hilarious post, I see these women all the time, especially over by the museum and thought it was just a trend I was missing. Love that cami dress it looks so flowy and cool. (Just recently found your blog and loving it already)