Sunday, September 23, 2012

ladies who lunch

Could I be?

I had the pleasure of meeting two of my best girlfriends for lunch. I was lucky enough to put the baby down for a nap and leave her sleeping at home with the cleaning lady. Yes, I go there. On the other hand my two friends are working girls, they wear shiny heels everyday, they lunch cause someone pays them to and they never have puffs stuck to their jeans.  I lunch because I'm about to loose my mind talking to a one year old about the up coming election and what an ass I think Romey is. 

Do I hang out waaaayyy too much at Starbucks with my toddler? perhaps. But I only go there as an 'activity' and to fuel myself through another morning of picking up legos, changing diarrhea diapers and locating missing pacifiers. Do I need to eat? Not really, cause I've been snacking on pirate's booty I found on the floor, but I do require the adult interaction. The funny thing about this dynamic between me and my BFFs is that they actually think that I "lunch" leisurely in-between gym trainer sessions and strutting pathetically around the grocery store in my black leather peplum coat. Are they right? Am I one of them? The Housewives of Rochester? And why the hell does that offend me so terribly?

I am really Tardy for the Party??...Isn't that everything that I try not to be? Too funny even my best friends poke fun at it, because it's exactly the opposite of who I think I am.

I tend to see myself as MUCH more of disaster than the preppy mommies at the local Yoga studio. The way they see me is not always the full story. For example, most days I have to think VERY hard to remember the last time I took a shower. I may or may not be wearing hanes your way undies from when I was pregnant. I dont work hard at a top knot, I literally can not get the peanut butter out of my hair so it stays by itself. And I don't need to remind you that I left my daughter with my cleaning lady to sneak out and have salad and a wedge cocktail at the country club. Hmmm, maybe they're right? 

 This is actually a more accurate depiction of who I think I am...

This is not leisure ladies, this is survival.

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  1. You are hilarious! Are Pirates Booty and goldfish a food group? No? Well then, I vote they should be!