Friday, September 14, 2012

oh la la

You're not from here are you?

Today at the grocery store a woman came up behind me in line (while I was chasing my 1 yr old around with 10 candy bars in her hand), she said “excuse me?” I turned and said “yes?”… her response…”oh you’re AMERICAN? I thought for sure you were French!” As she looked me up and down, she smiled confused and just walked away. That’s it, she had nothing to say to me, apparently unless I spoke French. I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or a not.

She was apparently startled by my “yeah?” (insert snotty new york accent) response, as I stood there with a black and white mesh sweater, tucked into a high-waisted-poofy cotton Hannoh skirt and black suede Perdro Garcia wrap sandals, topped off with a chunky necklace and a fat top bun. In a world full of Lululemon grocery runners, I stood out as “odd.” I often get “your not from here are you?” Or “you didn’t buy that in Rochester did you?” But it's not every day that I get mistaken for someone from another country. However, on occasion my husband does think that I’m from another planet.
Here are some of my fav tees from Zoe Karssen…this is about as French as this American mama gets. 

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