Monday, March 22, 2010

Bye-bye trapper hat

Hey Park Slope, Davey Crocket called, he wants his hat back. So glad that winter is over so that I can get over the fear of seeing those damn trapper hats all over town. I mean really. I was somewhat impressed when I first saw how warm they might keep me on a cold day. But then I noticed that the trapper hat was the hat equivalent of the black down coat! IT was everywhere. Honestly, some days I thought that Park Slope was being taken over by the NRA. I was looking for the riffles and the coyotes to come down from Prospect Park. There was a point where I was considering granting them fabulous status, I saw an adorable mom with a moncler jacket and a HUGE white rabbit fur trapper hat. I almost fell over with delight that a mama in town was willing to take the risk of being shunned for fashion. But after some more thought, and further inspection, I realized that she was fabulous. She was fabulous in Aspen, not so much here on the street of Brooklyn. Although I would defend fabulous hot mom’s honor, I might save the hat for a stroll to the Hotel Jarome. So bye-bye trapper hat, hello Spring!

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