Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fabulous Goes Frumpy

Shame-shame Fabulous.

Okay, I get it Park Slope Sloppy Mamas. It happened this morning…

My adorable toddler has developed a thumb the size of a cocktail wiener. He insists that his best accessory is his thumb, sucking it madly. So off we go to the emergency room this morning to get it checked out. This is when things went terribly wrong with yours truly. I was in a mad rush to get him fed and stuffed into the stroller so that we could walk to the hospital and beat the Sunday hangover crowd in the ER. I didn’t even change my pajama shirt, I threw on a hoodie, jeans, uggs and my long black down coat.

By the time we were done having his giant thumb examined it had turned into a beautiful warmish Spring day. People were out in their Sunday best; bright colors and SMILES! So Cash and I headed to the playground to join our newly happy neighbors of Park Slope. That’s when I looked down, and realized that I was as unfabulous as I had accused others. Horror came across my face as I looked at the little blond mom in her skinny jeans, tortoise sunglasses, fringe vest, and equally stylely hubby…then back at my long black coat. I took off the coat as fast as I could, and grabbed my big Jackie-O sunglasses in hopes of redeeming myself if at all possible. I was able to get hip dad with the cool fedora to talk to me, but only after my son tried to steal his daughters toy car with his hotdog thumb.

Well, I now empathize. There are days that being fabulous just isn’t an option. Although, I’ll have you know that I darted home afterwards and put on my school boy blazer, florescent tank, and topped it with an emerson-made flower before heading to lunch. Okay, full discloser, Uggs too.

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