Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want this life...

The new Ferragamo campaign has me wanting to desert my rain boots and turtlenecks (as if i didn't enough already) and head for Capri. This is the life that I want. I want to sit around in my luxurious bedroom surrounded by fabulous shoes! I want to have my hair coiffed every morning, and dress in all white chiffon and stare out the window contemplating Hemingway. I want to get on a boat in heels and a gown while the wind blows through my scarf wrapped hair!
Oh why God?! Why am I stuck here in the land of slush?! Calgon take me away...


  1. I had the exact same thought when I saw that ad! It's the only ad that's made me want to go and start shopping in years!

  2. job well done Faragamo. Claudia reminds me of Elizabeth Montgomery in 'Bewitched'...maybe that's how she got all those shoes to appear! I have always been a big fan of Endora :)