Monday, March 29, 2010

Staying Fabulous


Part of staying fabulous is taking time to yourself! Sorry for my neglect, but I was so lucky to be traveling with some good friends. I was able to get a dose of fabulous medicine in the hot Florida sun with some incredible ladies from Los Angeles.

We dressed up, laid out, ate fresh catch and drank greyhounds on the beach. Oh, and of course did a little shopping! We ventured to Worth Ave in Palm Beach for a day of lunching and shoe hunting. Where we hit up Saks for some jelly Valentino flops that would make Minnie Mouse jealous, a pair of Jimmy Choo wedges that would make Cinderella drool, and snagged the new and very hard to find Mademoiselle lipstick by Coco Chanel.

Here are some of our fashion picks from the beachy weekend, Enjoy!

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  1. Ohhhhh ,... the bow on the Valentino's is too sweet ... need to check Holts for them. The jimmy Choo wedges would be great for my upcoming Paris trip!!! I agree no better medicine than sunshine! cheers,
    Sophia -