Sunday, March 14, 2010


The other day I told my hubby that I had to run into the city to do some errands. We had some friends that were coming into town in a few hours and I had a lot to get done. I had to go to the grocer, make the guest bed, and go into Manhattan to pick up a package at Saks. At the mention of heading into the more fabulous part of the city to go to 5th Avenue my hubby says “ugh, you need an assistant.”

First of all, I’m pretty sure that it was a jab at my bitch’n about all the crap I had to do. Second, he hadn't seen the lovely frock that I was picking up and therefore I assume that he could not understand the butterflies in my stomach from all the excitement. I looked at him in confusion, I said, “that’s the part of my ‘job’ that I LIKE!” I have been waiting all week to have some time to get into Manhattan and do the 'chore' of picking up my YSL grey spring coat that I had ordered. Actually, they had offered to send it to me. However, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to the store and collect my prize, all while having the pleasure of being around all those luxurious fabrics, and perfectly tailored lines.

I just plain like being around beautiful clothes. I don’t need to ‘have’ everything, just to be close to it, to touch it, and study it is enough. Okay, it’s not always enough, but today I knew that I was going home with a high collared 'glamour-shot' coat. So, I braved the rain and felt at ease as soon as i walked through the doors of the mecca on 5th. I literally could feel the stress of life, roll off my shoulders. I walked in, smiled at the perfume pushers, admired the Fendi Peek-a-Boo Bag that I’ve been coveting, and took the long way up the escalators. I patiently waited the arrival of the coat, and checked out the new YSL leather mini ruffle dress eyeing me from the corner (wow, sex on a hanger). After that, I went up to the top floor and enjoyed a lovely salad and chardonnay at the bar. On the way out I even stopped at the Chanel counter and bought two new Coco Rouge lipsticks (I’m over lip gloss, soooo last season). Painted my lips red and hopped back on the subway to Boogie Down Brown Brooklyn.

Now really, does that sound like something you would want to pay someone else to do for you? Damn, if so I think that I’ve found myself a new job. My current boss, has been a little demanding lately….”mommy, sit!”


  1. Love love love your header! I actually did an entire post inspired by that photo.
    I enjoy your blog as well...and think you have a fabu day (and night) job!

  2. This sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!