Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally something different

As much as I love my regular stomping grounds, net-a-porter, shopbop, etc. I am in desperate need of something different from the standard Philip Lim and Alexander Wang pieces that have saturated the market. I love myself a good sequined vest or holey sweater, but I was seeing the same stuff every where.
I went on a (short) hunt to find something 'new', which is really just 'new to me' i realize. None the less, I turned to to find their top rated New York Boutiques. I came across Built by Wendy. They have a website and a store in both NYC and Brooklyn (it's in the self proclaimed more fabulous Williamsburg). Wendy has developed different and low-key pieces in some interesting fabrics, I especially love their china plate pattern. Grandma's dishes have never looked so fabulous! Built by Wendy also features a section on sewing patterns you can purchase, Build by Wendy or Built by YOU! Oh, project!

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