Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous does NOT do snow.

This is obscene people.

I distinctly remember people in NYC telling me that it "doesn't really snow in the city." Ummm, were they talking about another city? What the heck!?

I feel very fortunate to be missing this "snow storm of the century" as my sis in law so eloquently rubbed in. I am still toughing it out in Southern Florida, were I braved the 65 degree weather and sat at the beach building sand castles all day. Yeah, I'm not sure that I'm coming back til Spring. When will that be, eskimos of the north?

I went into Lily Pulitzer today and was struck by the life that I wish I had.I would be very happy staying down here and turning Palm Beach into my personal oasis; days right out of the Slim Aaaron photograph above. This long, pink and green tiger and palm print tunic with gold detail was calling me home. I imagined my days by the pool with a martini in hand calling the cabana boy to bring me more bon-bons. I would have my hair done at some old lady salon twice a week, and wrap it at night. I would eat steak at the local piano bar with my hubby while the nanny stays home and sings my son lullabies. I would wake up and pop outside for a swim before Yoga, and then walk the beach with my son looking for shells. I would shop on Worth Avenue, between charity luncheons, buying the most fabulous Tomas Maier bikinis and Calypso cashmere sweaters...

Like Park Slope is gonna miss my fabulous butt? Not a chance, no one is even going to be able to see me through the blizzard!


  1. Well, I have to say that Park Slope DOES miss you! How are we all supposed to keep up fabulous without you? Especially in THIS weather? I guess I will have to find a way to spruce up my Hunter wellies for the next couple of days. Bring some sunshine back to us, and maybe that fabulous fedora too!

  2. I have often thought about going into early retirement in southern Florida.... for me that would be really really early seeing that I have yet to start my career.