Sunday, February 7, 2010

Closet Trolls

Wow, it's been a hard week to stay fabulous people.

My son has been throwing up on me for three days and we got a snow storm that seemed beautiful for about 5 minutes.

Ahhh, I had to get out! So, I went up to my room to prepare for my last minute adventure. I walked into my closet to get dressed for a party, that I wasn't going to attend because of the puke monster. And that's when it happened...I couldn't fab it up.

It was like I lost my mojo. How could I have lost my desire for something so incredibly rewarding?! oh my fabulosity, where art thou?

This can't be happening. I had two gorgeous, slinky, and still tagged Helmut Lang printed dresses hanging in my closet begging me to show them a good time. One of them so excited it had accessorized itself with two necklaces looped around the hanger (usually a great way to save a little time pulling an outfit together while providing you a great spot to keep your necklaces). All I had to do was wipe the two layers of vomit off my arm, pull on some tights and my lovely Loeffler Randall snake print booties and I was instant glam. So, what was wrong with me?

Here are my theories for my fall from grace. First of all, I was freezing. My dressing room resembled more of a walk in cooler than a walk in closet. And the thought of getting into a tiny dress was too much for my frigid toes to bare. I had ordered a pair of Plush fleece lined tights, but they were too small (great for the ego). I really think that these tights might change my life, I will post more about them when I get the embarrassing size I had to order in the mail. All I wanted to put on was a big sweater. Which is quite sad for someone who plans outfits days before she goes somewhere and just waits for an invitation that says "cocktail attire!" This was depressing.

Second, I was worn out from being a nurse, playmate, and pillow all day. My sick son had been throwing up on me (yes, he got that beautiful electric purple sweater covered in it), laying on me, and climbing on me for days. I had watched more animated television than my blood shot eyes could take. I was starting to take fashion notes from iCarly...hey maybe i could wear a couple layered tees with tights and short know, leg warmers might really elongate my calves...i wonder if old navy still has any striped scarves on, barbie's looking great these days. This is not good.

I stood there in my underwear getting colder and more tired by the minute. So, i did it, I half assed it. Although I couldn't get that Helmut Lang silk piece of art over my head, I made some compromises with the closet trolls (they can be very judgmental). I grabbed a pair of leather leggings, a florescent pink top (see a theme?), and placed a cheap but fun feather & bead necklace from F21 over my head. Topped it off with a sheer sweater (I couldn't give up the sweater), and slipped on those snake skin booties.

Okay, so it wasn't "cocktail attire." But I did wipe off the vomit and I managed to put some concealer on my dark under eye circles. The message here ladies is that being fabulous takes work, and like everyone else I sometimes loose my mojo. But there is always room for compromise. Most of the time, there is enough energy for an extra piece of "flare." Add a flower pin, a over sized necklace, put on a pair of heels, your inner fashionista will thank you for it. Go on, let your closet trolls splatter you with glitter.

I had a great time at the party, it was refreshing to talk to grown-ups in sequins, men in ties, and people sipping champagne. Fabulous once again.


  1. Love this Courtney!!! Having difficulties figuring out what to pack for my NY work trip on the 17th. How to look chic and be comfy in the freezing weather. BTW, i usually walk to and fro each appointment scheduled in one central area so heels are out! HELP!!! Hope little Cash is feeling better. Miss you chipper voice answering the SM phone.

  2. yeah, i can't say that the food network hasn't inspired me on occasion. after watching two hours of iron chef: chocolate edition, i'm suddenly swathed in brown and craving ganache.

  3. Welcome to the Park Slope blogosphere, Courtney! Though I should let you know, that "FIPS" is, unfortunately, already spoken for :)