Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do they make it look so put together?!

Alright, I'm freezing and struggling to look fabulous in this winter wonderland. I have three coats that are warm enough to brave the blizzard, one of which is the famous fur (still a lil afraid to be spotted), another is my great DVF swing coat, and the last and least appealing is that damn long black down coat (also afraid to be spotted in).
But look at these two models from the Fall 2010 Rag and Bone Fashion Show. Somehow they so effortless pull together a very warm and fabulously layered look! Yes, I know its not effortless, but come on, they look incredible AND toasty warm.

So people, I'm going to work at this look, you should too.

1 comment:

  1. okay, so i gave it a go. haha, couldn't quite fit all those layers under my coat! But I did find a great use for the Valentines gift that I gave my husband. LOVED wearing the Hunter Plaid scarf to change things up! Girls, raid your husband's closet for a plaid shirt and a manly scarf!