Thursday, February 4, 2010

More is More

Add a little something…more is more.

Not surprising to some, I LOVE color. I love fabulously bright things. For example, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a very special new bauble…a florescent pink top handle bag.

I literally dream about this bag. I have focused my entire Spring around this bag.

This bag is to blame for an outrageous shopping spree, both online and in JCrew. The JCrew sales woman actually personally emailed me after leaving the store to invite me and my friends for a “Homecoming Party” for my new bag. I had to have an assortment of brightly colored tees and sweaters (mostly in electric purple) to compliment my bag. Then I remembered that I can’t forget the neutrals! Oh, how beautiful my lady will look along side my linen colored sheer sweater and silk beige blouse.

I have planned vacations for my new little friend. I imagine us heading off to…oh reality hit me…no where.

I will be walking around Park Slope with my florescent pink handbag in winter boots and the same jacket that I wear every day. I will most likely be stuffing my son’s juice boxes, goldfish and dirty diapers into the luxurious leather frame. It will end up as unappreciated as most of us moms! It will get made fun of by my arch enemy co-op neighbors and be the laughing stock of the third street playground. WHAT!? Noooooo!

Oh, do not fret my little love muffin, I will protect you from the messenger bag meanies and the backpack bullies. I will stand up for you against the basic blacks and the always practical chocolates. I will parade you around Seventh Avenue like the jem that you are ( truly outrageous truly, truly outrageous JEM!).

Fabulous mommies unite. More is More. Don’t let anyone tell you different (well, except when it comes to make-up, please no zinc pink lipstick).


  1. Yay! So happy to see that you started a blog! I love hearing what you have to say! You have inspired me to be a fabulous mom, with no apologies!! Love your new bag and I can't wait to see you carrying it on the dreary street of Park Slope!

  2. Sweetie - You crack me up. You've been fabulous since you were the day you were born. Love - Dad

  3. courtney! love this. Look forward to reading (hopefully) many rants and raves- seeing fabulous objects of desire, and perhaps derision.

  4. Go Court!! You ARE the original pretty in pink girl! Keep us posted on that pink bag and we will send you just the right trash bags... custom fit for Cashy's needs!! These are the times of your life~Love you! Susan

  5. First of all, this blog is perfect. Second, the pink bag, OMG COURT, I wouldn't expect anything less. And third, I wish your fabulous self was back in LA, but I can't wait to hear more about you, Park Slope and how EASILY fabulous you always are. Love and miss you - HS

  6. Hi Courtney, my name is Nathania Zevi and I am a student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, a reporter for the Brooklyn Ink who covers Park Slope and a fashion addict. I'd love to meet you or to have the chance to speak with you. My e-mail is

  7. Hi, Courtney! Love your new's the start of something fabulous! I see a book and screenplay in your future...and a line of "Fabulous Product at the Co-op! See you soon in NYC!

    Tom in ATL

  8. hi courtney, i'm new to north park slope too and while i love the neighborhood (LOVE it!), i could totally do with seeing a little more fabulous walking down the street, so high-five to you for keeping your style strong and starting this blog for us to enjoy, too!