Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fabulous in Park Slope

Here is the essay that started it all...

January 10, 2010

I recently moved here from Santa Monica California. I grew up in Rochester, so I am no stranger to the east coast. But I was in SoCal for ten years. Saying it’s a big adjustment is an understatement. But this is something that I noticed today.

Why I don’t think I belong here in Park Slope…

I think fur is fabulous (please don’t yell at me this isn’t about PETA). And I believe that being fabulous is FUN.

I could really just say that and be done with this whole essay on why the hell I stick out like a sore thumb here in this Brooklyn town. But since I have nothing else to do but wait for the season premier of Big Love, I’ll go on…

I have a sick 18 month old and a husband that would be happy just sitting on the couch watching all Sunday. I had to get out of the house. And this wasn’t easy, because reason number two I don’t belong here is that it’s 25 degrees. Umm, that’s just not okay for me. Which is why I thought that putting on my mother’s J. Mendel Mink Coat with my over the knee Prada boots was SO necessary for my walk.

Apparently, I’m the only one in Park Slope who wants to stay warm…and fabulous at the same time. I got some pretty interesting looks on my outing, and it’s about time. To be honest, I was happy that they were taking notice that there is something else out there than long black The North Face down coats and mittens made in Nepal. I don’t understand, you are missing out on all the fun it is to be Fabulous! I miss seeing other people all dolled up, contemplating what the new “it” bag is, and seeing the most incredible new Louboutins on the girl across the street.

I know what you’ll say…go into Manhattan. Thing is, I have a baby and it’s difficult to make the trek with him. And to be honest, I’m not sure that I’d find what I’m looking there either, because it’s too damn cold! It’s too cold to wear the newest spring collection pieces before spring (because they are coming out NOW!). It’s too cold to wear my new Stella McCartney Navy bubble rain coat, or my sexy new Alexander Wang cowl neck tank.

So, like the rest of the group, I’ll be wearing my JCrew turtleneck sweater, jeans and uggs. I’ll sit at the playground with all the other kids who are cold and have running noses. And I’ll stand there while the moms with the hipster combat boots, and knit caps don’t talk to me.

But I’ll know that I’m still fun and fabulous...I’ll be wearing the inappropriate fur.


  1. Yes Pleeease! Your writing is fun and fabulous! Thank you for starting to add a little spice to the neighborhood. Youre writing makes me think twice before I get dressed in the morning and in turn makes me feel a little bit more 'fabulous' all day because of it. Cant wait to read more!

  2. Wow. I am amazed you don't write for a living. That way you'd be unable to afford the Slope, and would have to move back where you came from. (You grew up in rochester and Brooklyn is too cold for you?) Bwahahaha

  3. hi, i just read this. and while i'm likely to be one of the moms in hipster combat boots, i think it's crummy that people would judge you based on what you're wearing. it's a personal choice. (i think my down coat is cute though!)

    as long as you don't run me over with your stroller, you're more than welcome. park slope can be really judgy considering it's in one of the most diverse places in the world. please keep being yourself. :)

  4. I want to know who told you J Crew tops and Ugg boots was fabulous? Um, I think you got punked. Apparently you are a "legend in your own mind" because quite honestly I don't think anyone in this neighborhood gives a shit what crappy clothes you wear. Also, if you feel so "out of place" then, hey, I got an idea for you: MOVE. We won't miss you.

  5. If you're spelling them "LOUBITON", then your so-called fabulousness is all-talk and no action ... It's LOUBOUTIN. But hey, this was good for a laugh, so thanks.

  6. Wow, Sounds like we have some really angry, bitter people reading this blog. Don't take it personally Courtney. Apparently they need to call you a hooker and correct your spelling to feel better about themselves. Oh, and P.S., Tim, if you "don't give a shit about what she's wearing", then why take the time to write to her about it?

    There are many of us who like what you have to say. So keep it up!

  7. You seem pretty materialistic. I am sure you are a nice lady, but please keep in mind that half of the world's population doesn't have running water. I'm just saying.

  8. Hey Courtney -
    The people that know you adore you, and that's the most telltale thing of all.
    Keep it up, lovely lady!

  9. um r u for real? because I think I have an idea why the other moms are not talking to you...

  10. bring your furs to Jackson Hole, I'll help you wear them.....seems like you have quite a following from Rochester (my home town), many my friends. I lived in Tribeca for many years and found NYC's other neighborhoods to be very clanny and fairly obnoxious. You want to feel good in the cold, come to the mountains!

  11. p.s. - Love, from a psychiatric perspective:
    it is readily recognized in the field that when people lash out like this - even more so when it is cruel and vicious - it actually has little to do with you and is instead straight out of their own pathologies. This is even more true of online posts, as posters do not have to face the social ramifications of their comments.

    Please don't let other people's unresolved issues deprive the rest of us of your charming musings!

  12. Um actually Jennifer, ms " fabulous" lashed out first. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of people taking pot shots at park slope. If you feel like you have to put others around down to make yourself feel better than why don't you just move to where you feel more comfortable? See, problem solved. There are so many different kinds of amazing neighborhoods in this city. I'm sure she could find one that makes her feel less like she needs to lash out and put down those folks who where black down coats and combat boots. Honestly, Courtney, it sounds like you are in desperate need of attention. Putting others down is not a way to get that. Why don't you try being nice and friendly and ACCEPTING instead?

  13. Courtney I think you are just fabulous!!!!!! I love your taste and your and your verve. Your blog will give me something to look forward to everyday. Thanks and much love Dad's friend R

  14. Courtney, as a fellow Park Slope mom, I am ready and willing to laugh at our ubiquitous winter uniforms! I am the first to admit my wardrobe has become downright boring. The winter is the worst of it, but the rest of the seasons aren't much better.

    Keep being yourself. You're silly and fun and you made me laugh. And as a fellow blogger,let me just say: welcome to the meanness that strikes some people when they get to be anonymous. It's more about them than it is you. But you probably know that. Being so fabulous, and all.