Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Well, my fellow northeasterners, holy snow storm!

So my question is…should you still get fabulous on a ‘snow day?’ Should we still hold ourselves to the same glam standards on a day where no one but your dog and kids will see those dazzling duds?

I’ve been stuck inside for about 7 days now with a snot nosed, vomit spewing and diarrhea spitting SWEET little boy. When finally, this morning he wakes up begging for pancakes! He’s better! Woohooo! I can leave the house! We can go to Kidville for tumbler class. An event for which I put on my most funky sweatshirts from torn and current elliot jeans..ugh ever notice how stupid skinny jeans look with socks? Anyway, I can once again chat with the sensitive stay-at-home dads and always complimentary nanny’s (they always appreciate my flashy outfits). Yes, this is actually exciting to me.

I got downstairs only to see that the streets where filled with fluffy white stuff, not sun bleached sand as I had dreamt, but snow. I know, I know I heard the news the night before, I just didn’t believe it. I just had no idea that it would keep me away from my cute Valentino bow heels for another day. Seriously, I was feeling so unfabulous over the past week in my pajama bottoms and journey concert tee-shirts, I was going to toddle off to Union Market in those bad boys. Crap, could I take one more day as ‘sweat pant mom’ and still defend myself against the creepy combat boot bloggers?

No, absolutely not. I had to get it together. Full disclosure, it was at 1 o’clock in the afternoon . Hey, it’s better than nothing right? My son went down for a nap and I went upstairs to contemplate my dilemma. Do I take a ‘snow day’ from being fabulous? Would Mayor Bloomberg issue me a get out of (fashion) jail free card? Who am I doing this for anyway?

Ten minutes later, I found my answer in a soft fluffy cashmere Inhabit cowl neck sweater, and a pair of comfy but still skinny jeans….then when no one was looking I danced around my bedroom in those Valentino heels.


  1. you are brave. i wasn't willing to even leave the apt. today.

  2. Ha! I didn't really make it to the store either :) I went for a walk to get a tea, and my son a sled. Admittedly so in my long back down coat and white snow boots, only fab i was sporting was under that WARM coat.

  3. Court, You are a fantastic writer. You may have a whole new career path!