Monday, February 8, 2010

Some things I love

fab accessory finds...

An instant way to turn any outfit into one worthy of SJP is an Emerson Made Flower. These are the updated version of the Sex and The City flower phenomenon, they are also handmade of linen and wool, with a felt center. So many to choose from! I got the Big Poppy and the Blue (which is actually a great shade of purple) sure to brighten even the darkest winter days. Nice thing about them is that you can update almost any old sweater or coat! These were brought to my attention by my always fabulous sisters ;). Check out their incredibly inspiring website at

On the other hand you can add little bad girl to that rainy day with these motorcycle rain boots from Chooka that I found on These boots allow me to fit in with the combat wearing moms while staying dry and sassy. They will be equally as useful in battling my blog critics at the playground with some bad ass spikes.

Honestly, I swear by F21 accessories. Especially their necklaces, you can buy like 3 of them for $30, and it doesn't matter if your little munchkin tears them off of your neck in the middle of your 'fabulous' time at Kidville. They let you know that they are not returnable at check out, I almost want to laugh. Umm, yeah when it falls apart in two days i'll be sure not to bring it back. Anyway, it's worth the two days in something fun and crazy, go ahead pile them on top of each other. You can buy them online at

Accessorizing is always a fun way to add something to your day, and the nice part about them is they can be used over and over again!

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  1. PS I LOVE those boots...
    Sadly, I'm stuck with -35 toasty TMax boots for the functional not fashionable I lament. Will be at least another 2 months before I can contemplate footwear outside frostbite, snow and slush factors. My inner fashion diva lives vicariously through u lol