Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello Fashionistas, I actually busted out of Park Slope for the weekend to DC with my husband and son. Um yeah, I know, it's cold here i'm heading further south on Sunday to Florida.

Any way, I have something much more important to discuss. My heart is pounding, and I think that it might just come out of my chest in a minute. I have been obsessed with a very well tailored, incredibly structured and yet romantically draped trench by Burberry Prorsum. I had actually saved the picture of this jacket in a file and was going to write about my plot to kidnap this high priced Spring favorite. When the most terrible thing EVER happened. It's out of stock.

I can't even find a picture of this jacket to show you (the picture I posted is from the same Spring 2010 Burberry line just to give you an idea of the fabulousness). Ahhhh! My trusty has had the jacket on their website, PROMISING that they were re-rodering, and still posting the jacket's picture (so that I could look at it every day and plan it's adoption process). And now, nothing. They have taken it off their website and it is no where to be found.

I kinda feel like throwing up.

Okay, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get the jacket, but I at least wanted to know that it was an option! I certainly couldn't afford it's hefty price tag with out selling my first born. And to be honest, I like him and I think he's worth more than I can get for him (plus he's a "must have" accessory here in Park Slope). So, I started to come up with some other ways that I could get the money...

I could sell my life story to the Lifetime Network; but it's not over and probably will get more juicy.
I could tell my parents that my dog was really sick and needed to barrow the money for a surgery; but then our dear family dog actually passed away, and now that just seems insensitive.
I could bag saving for private schools, and send my son to public; but with a name like Cash he might get beat up.
I could sell my mom's fur? Ha! Just kidding Mama.

Some of you might say that I should feel better that the jacket is MIA. I can stop obsessing now, it's not an option, right? Oh, you don't know me at all people. This just upped the ante. I want this coat more than ever!

And I will keep trying to get it..until I find it, and decided that it's already "out."


  1. Courtney, you make me laugh! Have you checked the Burberry UK site?
    They seem to have a lot more then the US site. Have fun in DC & then Fla! I'm assuming that you will miss yoga on Tues. We'll have to get together when you get back to frosty Park Slope! PS-I miss sunshine & warm weather in the South!

  2. Sweetie - You are amazing! Your blog cracks me up. Thanks for taking the time, having the courage and promoting the fabulous. Keep it up. Press on.