Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to all those Fabulous Men

Men are fabulous too and should be told so on this day of "love." Ugh to be honest, I hate Valentine's Day. I don't think that there should be one day that my husband is obligated to buy me flowers, that should be every Sunday...or whenever he does something mean. It's like New Years Eve, you're always disappointed. Funny, I told my husband yesterday "remember, just for the record, I don't like this holiday", he said, "oh well that works out because I don't like you." See that's what cupid was talking about...true love has a sense of humor.

So, despite hating the holiday I expect a gift or token from him so that i don't have to tell my friends he got me nothing. And, I do the same for him. So this year, in the spirit of winning back my Park Slope neighbors and not having the time after my much needed manicure, I shopped local. I believe that men should mantain their "fabulousness" in a different way than women. I like my guy a little rustic. Living in a world of metrosexual males has cramped my "style." I'm getting a little annoyed at men taking up my seat at the nail salon or taking the last pair of JBrand skinny jeans in my size.

Which is why I was so happy to find 'Hog Mountain' on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. The owner, Jess, is from Alabama and has Southern hospitality down to a science. First time I walked into his store he said,"Wow, I never thought I see the day when a girl would blow into the store with Prada boots and a fur coat." He gets the need to be fabulous, and has designed his store as a man cave decorated by Kelly Wearstler. He's passionate about his store, and it shows. He has chosen items that he himself finds a necessity, where else can you get a tool set and a cashmere blanket? I grabbed a couple of the "best socks ever" by Scott-Nichol and Patherella from England for my papa.Then I got my husband a manly Hunter plaid scarf and called it a day. But I would seriously just go back in the store to hang out by the campfire with a beer and a stogie.

I also like my men, and my bathroom to smell good. Not like musk, night out at the Roxbury good, but more like so fresh and so clean. All fabulous men (and their wives) can benefit from Ritual's Toilet Drops. One drop and bam no more poopy smell!

So men, get fab, and ladies encourage a little scruff and a flannel shirt. And please boys, don't steal my look.

Hog Mountain 192 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (347) 725-4236
Ritual Men's Products

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  1. My husband and I do not celebrate V-Day. Instead, we celebrate the anniversary of our first date. Much more romantice and personal.

    Hog Mountain -- we were both super happy when it opened (although I was upset that Petticoat Lane failed, as it was the only place in PS to get Cosabella and On Gossamer underwear). My husband is really picky about his socks and he LOVES the Pantherella socks I got him. And Jesse is very nice.

    BTW -- love your blog. Don't let the haters get to you. I'm not a fan of Park Slope fashion (although there are a couple of boutiques here I adore), but I really love living here.